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Joker ( Tamil )

Joker ( Tamil )

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Joker is an upcoming Indian Tamil language social satire film, written and directed by Raju Murugan.

Joker ( Tamil ) Audience Review

Joker is a boldly written and wittily conceived satire which was never tested before in TC

Rated 3.5 / 5
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Satire is always a tricky genre for directors. Always a possibility of making a mockery of a grave situation or making it too serious for the audience (especially Indian) to take it. This balancing act between the poignant and theatrical is a precarious one, which is why Raju Murugan's movie is noteworthy. the concept (corruption and bribery) would instinctively translate into a serious, thought-provoking film. But "Joker" takes a grim and solemn issue, turns it into a satire, garnishes it with populist sentiment and makes a far greater impact than a mere documentary, had it tackled the burning issue very well. All credits goes to Raju Murugan for his incisive writing.

Raju Murugan's sense of satire is irresistible; the subtext, compelling. And yet neither shows itself up in any form of self-seriousness. The comic writing is immaculately inspired. Beautifully aided by performanece from the immensely talented Somasundaram. Dialogues only adding to the meritorious value, deserves special mention too. Sean Roldan. What a lad! His musical score puts to awe. Work of genius. So unreal for a music director who's hardly 3-4 films old. So is the cinematography.

If you ask me where exactly did the movie go wrong, I'd blame the overt exploitation of poverty porn at a point of time. Things gets too dry and sombrous as the movie progresses. In addition to that, the forced climax with a preachy ending worked it's way against the movie. Yes I did have a gulp in my throat when i stepped out of the screen but the impact could've been even more intense than what it is actually.

Nevertheless, Joker is worth a watch just for it's audacious writing, bold execution and a kind of satire that our Tamil cinema just hasn't witnesses anywhere nearby to my knowledge.

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