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Kallappadam is an upcoming Tamil movie by the debutante director Vadivel ,a former assistant of Mysskin.

Kallappadam Audience Review

Kallappadam - Say Your Prayers

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Sudarsan Ramamurthy (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Sometimes, when you feel like you're the least intelligent person on earth, it is advisable to go watch other retards so you feel better about yourself. Kallappadam is that retard. The whole film looks like it was adlibbed from start to finish, with nobody questioning the logic of things. After all, logic is the last resort in cinema these days. The makers of this film are so desperate about getting you to watch this movie that they will make outrageous claims on Wikipedia such as "kallappadam received very highly positive review from critics and as well as audience.famous critics saleem abbas wrote that kallappadam really amazing seat edge thriller and appreciate its narration and technical aspects. he added that background score and cinematography of the film will astonished you.its one more time worth to watch and he gave 4.99 stars out of 5"

It's a pity how they couldn't even hire a good writer with some respect for English grammar. Running on a shoe-string budget?

The lead consists of four friends - a director, a music composer, a cameraman, and you'll forget what the other guy does soon into the movie - who roam the streets in the name of wanting to get a chance at getting into the film industry. But, there is a catch: they all want to begin their careers with the same project. It seems they are so insecure about their friendship that they think being independently successful will create a rift between them. At this point, you should be going "What the actual fuck?" but wait, there's more!

The director spends his days walking in and out of producers' offices with no luck. The problem is, his script is about the old cultural art of Koothu, and nobody wants to invest in such a non-commercial subject oriented script. This is also a completely unoriginal story. In fact, it is the director's autobiography. He is the poorest of poor Chetan Bhagat who not only lifts stories from real life, but wants other people to suffer the consequences.

Finally, with no money to shoot, the fuckall foursome decide to rob the producer who insulted the director the most, because everyone has been stashing black money in their homes despite the efforts of Thalaivar Rajini in and as Sivaji: The Boss. They succeed, which is nothing short of a miracle, and elope to Kerala, where they decide to begin shooting. They complete shooting in just 30 days, which isn't believable in the least. Even Clint Eastwood took more than 40 days to shoot American Sniper.

If you've managed to read till here, please take an informed decision about watching this film.

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