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Om Shanthi Om

Om Shanthi Om

2.7 417 Ratings

Directed by : Surya Prabhakar

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Om Shanti Om is an Tamil drama film directed by D.Surya Prabhakar and produced by Arumai Chandran. The film features Srikanth and Neelam Upadhyaya in the lead roles, while Vijay Ebenezer composes the film's music


“It's time for Srikanth to wakeup!”

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Om Shanthi Om - Horrible Watch

Rated 0.5 / 5

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For people who had torn apart Masss, you guys don’t even dare to go near theaters screening Om Shanthi Om because after the show, you would wish to travel back on time machine to change your verdict saying Venkat Prabhu’s Masss is a cult classic.

The story of Masss and Om Shanthi Om are similar. In fact, this doubt was raised during the release of Masss, now one can witness the similarity between the two films. Just like Suriya, here Srikanth helps souls to fulfill their wishes and send back them to heaven.

Only difference is here the protagonist is not playing dual role and also, there is no clichéd flashback but that doesn’t mean the film lacks face palm moments, each and every scene tests our patience and whenever songs appear on screen, we should consider it as short interval or else, you should put yourself on powernap mode.
Srikanth seems to have forgotten his acting and the film has turned out to be one of the worst films, he had ever acted. There is no other great performance in the film so, let me quickly give the verdict.

The bottom line is Om Shanthi Om is such a pain in the…. You read my mind.

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