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Directed by : R. Parthiban

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Vithagan is the story of Rowthiran, a stylish cop who doesnt attack the criminals like every other cop. He enters the mind of the criminal and then attacks.

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Stale fare made bizarre!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Arvindh (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Parthiban turns to direction after a gap and it is obvious that hes lost touch with his craft. A run-of-the-mill tough cop turning into a don story filmed in the most bizarre manner in the name of style.

Rowthiran is a tough as a nail Assistant Commissioner determined to clean up the society of bad elements. Unbound by familial connections, he takes great risks to fuel enmity between the various gangs in the city and eliminates them strategically. But the affected ones would not watch all this silently and hence jail him on flimsy grounds thus cutting short his big mission. In between, Rowthiran has a poignant flashback where he is actually Subramani, son of an honest cop. But Rowthiran, being this invincible toughie, joins hands with another international rowdy, Sena, to continue his mission. Rowthirans final target is Badri with who he has some personal scores to settle as well. How he manages it is the rest of the story.

Though bizarreness is an uniformity throughout, the first half at least has a solid story which makes it somewhat engaging. Though stale, it is not completely boring to watch Rowthirans killing game. Here, there is also Mercy, an orphan girl, who falls head-over-heels in love with Rowthiran. It is in the second half that the bizarreness goes to a completely new level.
Rowthiran, now a rowdy (but still a cop, at heart), aided and equipped by Sena, fights head on with Badri, kills people meaninglessly like he is swatting mosquitoes. There seems to be no cop in the city. The villains are hardly menacing. In fact, they come across as being clownish mouthing terrible jokes. In all this nonsense, Rowthirans revenge itself loses steam. But everyone is killed (including Sena).

Parthiban as the eccentric cop on a mission is not a terrible watch, but as the rowdy he is horrendous. His hair colour and ill-fitting t-shirts add to it. His idea of being different, as usual, is kiddish. Mercy (Poorna) is the dumbest and most irritating heroine on earth and you are happy when shes killed in the end. Milind Soman as Badri is pure annoying. All others dont deserve a mention.

Joshua Sridhar is not in form this time and none of the songs is memorable. And Parthibans son Rakki dances in the opening song and proves that hes not got no future in films as an actor. Cinematography is the only positive aspect of the film. Though nothing innovative, the visuals are nice and clean. Art direction seems too candy floss for a film like this.

Parthiban and style are not meant to co-exist. Think hes better off doing his crass stuff.

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