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  • Ruchi Dm
    Ruchi Dm
    Rated 2.5 September 06, 2018

    Kadugu Review

    Verdict - One time Watch

    Kadugu is a return to form for Vijay Milton, and a make-good for subjecting us to the disappointment that was 10 Endrathukulla. As he did with Goli... read more

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  • Smita Vyas Kumar
    Smita Vyas Kumar
    Rated 2.0 August 10, 2018


    Verdict - A confusing narrative with some good action scenes.

    Vishwaroopam 2 left me very curious about two things. One, who is a nuclear oncologist? Is it a person who studies nuclear medicine? Or is it a pe... read more

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  • Img Snap
    Img Snap
    Rated 3.5 June 09, 2018

    Kaala Review

    Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar together rocked this one and we couldn't be happier. Kaala is a must watch

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  • Krithi Chitur
    Krithi Chitur
    Rated 3.0 January 13, 2018

    Worth Seeing

    The cast was great, and there were definitely moments to enjoy, but other than the timely reminder that a free press is crucial and that real journ... read more

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  • Usha Singh
    Usha Singh
    Rated 3.0 December 12, 2017

    It's good but Raw at little bit times

    The name's Richie and he's a bit of a mystery. A journalist played by Shraddha Srinath is on a mission to unmask this person. For Kaka Peter (Kumar... read more

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  • Achu Krishnan
    Achu Krishnan
    Rated 3.0 October 23, 2017

    Mersal Review

    Verdict - Wholesome Family entertainer

    While Mersal suffers from a few of the cliches of the masala entertainer, however Director Atlee manages to give the film amazing pacing and knows ... read more

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  • Sekhar GC
    Sekhar GC
    Rated 2.5 September 03, 2017

    Vikram Vedha Review-It's time for some entertaining story-telling... pretty slick!

    The best thing about the film is the name of the movie itself. The have tactfully named it Vikram Vedha, as it is based on the popular folklore Vik... read more

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  • mbudaya24
    Rated 3.0 August 27, 2017

    Vivegam Review

    Verdict - Commerical Hit

    A watchable movie with high technical execution and excellent cinematography and fast racy editing work. As usual ajith did a great job but this ti... read more

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  • winnie8644
    Rated 4.0 April 21, 2017


    Verdict - great

    love but they did not have mich in the romantic department. they should have left the leads pairs perform more of their romance.i wanted two watch ... read more

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  • IndiaGlitz
    Rated 2.5 April 14, 2017


    Verdict - Go for it to watch Arya’s one man show in some amazing action sequences set in deep forests.

    Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are good to listen to as an album but most of them are picturized unimaginatively to impress onscreen.  He is... read more

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  • IndiaGlitz
    Rated 3.0 April 14, 2017

    Power Paandi(Indiaglitz)

    Verdict - Go for it to experience an emotionally rewarding film from director Dhanush and try to forgive star Dhanush for the same reason.

    On the downside, while the first half is focused and we are able to root for Rajkiran’s character the long drawn out flashback involving Dhan... read more

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  • Shajahan Shaju
    Shajahan Shaju
    Rated 4.0 April 12, 2017

    Cult classic

    its not a centric movie to appreciated by everyone it's a self centric genre which shows how a doomed relationship handled and make it through. Whi... read more

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