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  • Glitters as the Dark Horse

    Baranidharan Sivasankaran (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 21, 2012 01:24 AM IST
    3.4DM (314 ratings)

    Verdict - Above Average - Worth a Watch in 3D

    Ambuli 3DWatch trailerRelease date : February 17, 2012

    Ambuli 3D which claims to be the first stereoscopic 3D feature film in Tamil, kick-started and went ahead with a unique marketing campaign months before its release. Being one of the beneficiaries of the campaign, I happen to win an Ambuli T-shirt for being among the top 100 who registered with their website. From then on, whether I wanted it or not I have been made to keep a tab on their promotions and happenings on my social networking pages with constant updates. What went in the movies favour was the curiosity factor which they managed to generate among the audiences through intelligent and out-of-the-box promotions and website design.

    The story is set in 1978 in the village of Poomaadanthipuram which happens to be haunted by the folklore of Ambuli. People are warned from trespassing the nearby corn fields, especially during the nights, as there is Ambuli which roams around and hunts humans for food and is considered to be a deadly man eater. Two friends, Vendhan and Amudhan, while nurturing their respective love interests, happen to encounter their worst nightmares with Ambuli, decide to venture out to decode the myth and also to find out the real reason behind it with the help of the people who have had similar experiences and were as curious as they were to find out about the strange happenings. The things which get revealed as a result are certainly interesting and scary at the same time and the resultant climax was equally riveting.

    The gripping plot and the premise in which the story was set were the tour de force of the movie. Glittery welcome and hearty congratulations for the debuting directorial duo of Hari Shankar and Harish Narayanan. They have managed to beautifully blend science fiction and horror with the suspense element intact. No character in the movie appears to be wasted and everybody was given ample opportunity to perform.

    The male leads Ajai and Srijith were there to do all the heavy lifting in terms of moving the story ahead with their decent act, buffooneries, romance and above all, their ability to emote fright and anxiety, which is key for a horror flick. Their female counterparts Sanam and Jothisha were there to join them in retro styled duets and also during the climax to bustle around when chased by Ambuli.

    There were way too many characters in the supporting cast who were brilliant enough and are definitely worth a mention:

    1.Parthipan has got an extended cameo. The character of Sengotan, the villager who dwells near the corn field, managed to create enough suspicion and kept the audiences hooked till the climax.

    2.Thambi Ramaiah as Srijiths father, thoroughly performed his role with his quaint and old world attitude which was natural enough to add to the flavour of the script.

    3.Jagan as the villages contemporary lad, was one of the hidden pillars of the movie; be it the way he rubbishes the old sentiments or the quick realization of his fear towards Ambuli once he visualizes the threat and consequently turns the frightened villagers against it towards the climax he accomplished his task well and brought in life to the proceedings at much needed times.

    4.Kalairani as the village nanny, also helped in keeping the suspense element to go on by sprinkling some hard and fast facts on Ambuli sporadically during the proceedings

    5.Uma Riyaz, also in a cameo had an important role, though there was not much to perform.

    6.Gokul last but not the least, the small screen mime artist, who portrayed the role of Ambuli, made our hearts to get into our mouth with his body language and slap stick act.

    Music was composed by 4 new music directors - K. Venkat Prabu Shankar, C. S. Sam, Sathish and Mervin Solomon. The songs were pale enough to remember and nothing stood out. The background score was excellent and indeed adds to the strength of the script.

    Cinematography by Sathish was another huge asset for the movie. The aerial shots and the thoughtful close-up shots which were made to showcase the 3D prowess were well taken and sometimes made the crowd to spill their popcorns on their laps.

    Editing by Hari Shankar was crispy enough to keep the movie at 2:20 hours, though one would have been much happier if he had butchered an unwanted duet in the first half.

    The 3D technicality has come in for praise and the same has been proved again with the family audiences flocking towards the movie along with their children.

    On the downside, the movie delves too much into the 70s show, especially with the song sequences. Also lack of comic elements made the movie watching experience a bit dried out. The second half was a bit slow paced and the proceedings towards the climax had some minor flaws.

    Overall, it was an engaging 3D horror flick with a hint of science fiction. With the notion towards the climax that there is a certain sequel on the cards, this flick might even establish a cult status on its own.

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    Rated 3.0April 23, 2012


    nice movie

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    Baranidharan Sivasankaran

    38 Reviews , 1 Followers
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