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Vikram back in mass mode.

  • Arvindh

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    Desimartini | Updated - November 06, 2013 3:31 PM IST
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    Verdict - Typical formula fare that could have had a little more punch.

    RajapattaiWatch trailerRelease date : December 23, 2011

    Vikram, after a series of experimentations, decides to please the masses and comes up with typical commercial pot-boiler. While all the ingredients seem to be present in the right proportions, it somewhere lacks fizz.

    Murugan (Vikram), a movie stuntman, dreams of becoming a mainstream villain in movies. He comes across Dakshinamoorthy (Director K. Vishwanath), a self made man running an orphanage, but now on the streets and threatened by the land mafia headed by politico Akka Ranaganayaki (newcomer Sana). Dakshinamoorthys son (Avinash) who nurtures political ambitions joins hands with the land sharks and tries to kill his own father to lay his hands on the orphanage land. Vikram saves Dakshinamoorthy from the evil forces and vows to protect the orphanage. But Akka and her gang somehow manage to dupe both of them and grab the land leaving Dakshinamoorthy and the orphanage kids homeless. But Murugan brings back justice in the lives of Dakshinamoorthy and the kids.

    It is racy, no doubt. The story does not sag one bit, but somewhere it fails to engage you completely. The long fight sequences in the beginning test your patience. Suseendhrans earlier films had a bit of him in them. This time, he takes the popular route and gets drowned in the clichs. A typical example is the scene where Murugan threatens Akka during a political rally. Ridiculously filmy!

    In the not so innovative plot, all Vikram has to do is to behave like a filmy hero which he does with utmost sincerity. He has beefed up to look every inch the filmy stuntman and all his friends are no different. Guess, it is a joy ride for him with his multiple looks. The scene stealer is K. Vishwanath who is the live wire of the proceedings in the first half. He very endearingly plays cupid to all the stunt guys in the mansion and gives a thoroughly enjoyable act. Sana as Ranganayaki is hardly menacing and her dialogues are also so devoid of venom that she turns out to be the most insipid of the villain clan. Pradeep Rawat who makes an entry as Vaapa in the second half makes a much better impression. Other supporting cast that includes Avinash, Thambi Ramaiyya and the horde of original film stuntmen do what is required of them. Diksha Seth, the heroine, is there in 2 songs and 4 scenes and doesnt get any scope. Of the two item songs, the one with Saloni seems a little interesting with Vikram sporting different looks. The much publicized other song with Shriya Saran and Reemma Sen features as part of the end credits when the theatre is half empty.

    Yuvan, after a long time, does a half-hearted job. Not one song remains in the memory. Madhis cinematography, Rajeevans art and Kasi Vishwanathans editing lend the needed support, but dont contribute anything extra. Stunts, as in any commercial film, are over-the-top.

    Watch it if you have been missing seeing Vikram in the commercial avatar.

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    Vikram back in mass mode.

    Vikram, after a series of experimentations, decides to please the masses and comes up with typical commercial pot-boiler. While all the ingredients...read more