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Ee Varsham Sakshiga

Ee Varsham Sakshiga

2.9 371 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 137 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.1/5
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Ee Varsham Sakshiga is a romance-drama movie directed by Ramana Mogili and stars Varun Sandesh in the lead role


“A senseless movie that fails to connect and can be avoided. ”

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Varun Sandesh


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Bad, worse, worst!

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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There are days when reviewing movies doesn't feel like a dream job. It feels like tedious work. This is one such day. Movies like Ee Varsham Sakshiga, bring us movie reviewers right back to the ground, to the dust, make us wonder why we do what we do. The movie is bad at several levels. Ramana Mogili's pathetic attempt to create a love story goes from bad to worse, aided in its disaster by poor, dull camera work, cringe-worthy dialogues and below par comedy from the Zabardast team that now almost starts playing on your nerves.

One wonders why Varun Sandesh is picking such scripts. If there are no good scripts, farming is not such a bad idea. It might still give you a sense of satisfaction. Probably, he too looked at it as a tedious day of work. He is cast opposite Haripriya, who plays a bubbly girl, who eventually elopes from her own wedding with the bride-groom(yes you heard it right). After bad experiences in the past, he is looking to fall in love. His choice of girls is just as bad as his choice of movies in real life. Mostly, the whole of first half is a classic bore, a big part of which turns out to be a train-journey that was supposed to be romantic. That the director thought, a girl who pulls the chain of a train just because she had the impulse to eat sugarcane from the fields, and happily pays 1500 as fine, is the weirdest thing you'll see in movies. It is just a symbol for the fakeness that the movie throws in your face.

How the hero, who is heartbroken when he learns about her marriage and her last-minute stunt, deals with it and how their story proceeds will make for the rest of the movie. Funnily, the rest of the movie has more shit in the form of unnecessary comedy than a taut script keeping you involved. It is a movie that was better off not being made, ruining a wonderful title with songs that are nowhere near as good as they deserved to be, if you are using a title from Varsham's hit song!

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