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3.3 1,391 Ratings

Directed by : Raajakiran

Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Geethanjali is a comedy movie directed by Raajakiran and stars Srinivasa Reddy in the lead role


“Neither horror nor comedy - Geetanjali fails to deliver. Though Anjali's performance manages to hold your attention, you can skip the film without fear!”

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Geetanjali – Since you have nothing better to do this weekend

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Horror comedy is the hot favorite nowadays, the kind of insane rib tickling and spine chilling combinations we like sometimes. But Geetanjali scores average marks in casting that impression. Loaded with comedy star power including Brahmanandam, Ali (Guest appearance), Rao Ramesh and Srinivasa Reddy, the film just manages to inspire a few waves of laughter and minor jerks and scares, but most of all has one waiting for something big to happen.

Plot and Execution:

Most of the characters have the same names as their own. Srinivas sets out to be a director and meets Rao Ramesh to narrate his engaging horror story. Soon he reveals that his narration was in fact events from his life, where Srinivas confesses that he was indeed tormented by a ghost called Anjali (played by Anjali). The first half was well paced and presented itself with ample opportunity to scare and cheer - there was Anjali everyone guessed was a ghost, another ghost that likes to eat away food, dance and cry in the nights and a closed door that has secrets and evil forces lurking behind.

But as the movie lands on the second half, the true stories behind characters are revealed, some ghost mysteries solved, some flashbacks relived and some unfinished businesses undertaken. But in all this, the main flavor of horror and comedy is slowly diluted and you wait and wait for something to happen but it rather drags on and falls flat.

Cast and Crew:

Anjali brings in her Seethamma charm into the film with her telugu-homely-yet- firebrand shades. Srinivas is being the comedian he was supposed to be and plays a convincing 'himself'. All the other comedian artistes do their duty religiously, like using their distinctive Andhra slangs, getting into trouble, getting beat up, crying to make us laugh and so on. However, Brahmanandam's sequence was disappointing - it's either getting too monotonous to see Brahmi be the same old smart ass at first who gets thrashed for being over confident… or it was the producers taking it for granted that putting him in a film will ensure the big bucks coming in. Harshavardhan Rane has a small role too but it's awfully small - and he still hasn't been given the right chance to prove himself so really cant say much about him.

Our Telugu writers have become experts in 'Prasa', i.e., rhyming sentences, punch dialogues, etc. Kona Venkat renders some quirky punches in his script and uses references of other stars in the movies too on lighter notes. Director debutant Raj Kiran puts a visually pleasing picture but rather beats around the bush too much before conveying the actual point - the point being, it's a horror comedy.

All in all, it is certainly worth a watch but don't expect it to be 'rolling on the floor, laughin' your *** off' kind of flick. At the same time, don't expect your girlfriend to cuddle up under your arm when she's scared, because scary scenes wont happen too often. Geetanjali, however is your best bet this weekend when compared to other lack luster films riding on the box office.

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