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Mantra 2

Mantra 2

2.8 727 Ratings

Release Date : | Length : 112 Minutes

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A techie living in a mansion discovers hidden truths about her new home.


“Don't spoil your weekend by watching Mantra 2.”

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Terrifying. In its naivete!

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Mantra 2 was supposed to be a crime-horror thriller. But, it is a very stereotypical movie. One can really go on endlessly about how the movie lacks common sense at every point or sacrifices it for very cheap and amateurish thrills. For example, the hero stuck in a probably haunted movie listens to the sound of anklets, the usual horror movie scare, only for a CGI cat with a bell in its feel to show up. Ridiculous right? It only gets worse!

Mantra 2 is about Mantra (Charmee) who is being chased down by someone. She is saved each time in strange ways and she is scared. Eventually though, her boy friend who is cop along with a bunch of his associates brings her to a house where she claims she has been staying with an old couple. Now, the house is dilapidated and her boy friend is surprised about what she is actually claiming. Meanwhile, his associates are dying one by one. But this is where it gets really funny. Mantra is half possessed and half confused and suddenly a miraculous CGI letter appears out of nowhere to tell her the back story about the old couple she was living with and who actually aren't alive anymore. Meanwhile, amidst all the drama and people dying and a letter appearing out of nowhere, the boyfriend is quietly looking at Mantra's face as she reads the letter in her mind. What was he doing - telepathically listening to her head because he never even asks what is in that letter. And then, there is Rahul Khanna who must have taken part in this movie for a decent payday because he is ridiculously out of place murdering people.

All in all, Mantra 2 can be categorised as a revenge horror thriller except that the backstory is really backward and the horror is really shitty. Barring a few taut minutes, the movie is all over the place where the cinematography kind of comes out as vaguely and cheaply familiar from tons of other movies. Horror movies are either horror movies or psychological thrillers based on science. This one is neither and tries to pretend as both confusing the audience until the end when you realise how lame the explanation is, bereft of all sense. Give this one a pass!

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