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Naalo Okkadu (Enakkul Oruvan)

Naalo Okkadu (Enakkul Oruvan)

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Directed by : Prasad Ramar

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Naalo Okkadu (Enakkul Oruvan) is a thriller and is directed by Prasad Ramar and stars Siddharth in the lead role


“Stays true to the original and rides on Siddharth for the goods.”

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Rated 3.0 / 5
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Lately, Sidharth is on a signing spree to act in films that are content oriented. Enakkul oruvan is one such content rich film, which is a remake of super hit, crowd funded Kanada film Lucia. I haven't watched Lucia, so I wont be drawing comparisons and will be evaluating Enakkul Oruvan on its merit. So what is Enakkul Oruvan all about? Read on..

Its a story of a person, who wants to live a life of an another person. It might sound complicated but that's the plot in a nutshell. Here, Sidharth is a film superstar, who wants to live a normal life, away from limelight. He takes the help of a magic pill called Lucia and what happens next forms the rest of the movie. Its a story of you and me and our dreams. As the movie suggests - "Our small life could be a biggest dream of someone else".


The script & screenplay was brilliant. There were not many regular commercial elements like fights, forced humour and songs. Its a simple plot but the writing was good, of course it could have been better but no major complaints. 1st half moves at a brisk pace but the 2nd half gets a bit melodramatic and drags. But, only in the 2nd half you will understand the entire movie, which might take you by surprise. Writing wise, the complicated screenplay was neatly broken into bits, which were easy to understand.

Editing was top class with respect to the cuts. Runtime wise, a cuts here and there could have made the film a bit more gripping. There is a real life scenes and there is a dream, which was neatly blended to give a smooth feeling. The cuts were harsh, which is expected in such type of screenplay but the flow was maintained throughout. The screenplay and editing was so good that you will forget which is a dream and reality after a point in time.

Music and songs Santhosh Narayan were good and a bit unconventional. The vocals and the instruments used were appreciate. Cinematography was good in terms of the the color tones used to differentiate between dreams and reality. For example, few scenes give you a rich feeling and a few gives you a simple life environment. Actually, the color tones narrate the story and helps you in understanding what's happening. Apart from that, camera angles and framing was good.


Sidharth really performed to the best of his abilities. Both the characters he played looked natural. As a superstar, he displayed that style and attitude. As a normal theatre guy, he showed the innocent side. Both are totally contrasting characters and he pulled of both the roles with ease. The heroine, Deepa Sannidhi too had contrasting characters and she was pretty decent. She was a bit off in the emotional scenes but otherwise she was good and showed her acting abilties. Aadukalam Naren came up with good performances, which are a cakewalk for him now.

Overall review:

Ennakul oruvan is definitely not for commercial film lovers. A bit of patience is needed to understand the flow of events. It might even drag a bit in the end, but if you are someone who appreciates different scripts and loves intelligent writing, then you can give it a shot. Screenplay, editing and performances are the highlight. 1st half moves fast but 2nd half drags a bit with a bit of melodrama and a forced song. Watch it for Sidharth.

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