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Ram Leela

Ram Leela

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Stars Havish,Abhijeet,Nanditha,Aksha and Nagineedu.


“Ram Leela should have been aptly titled 'Raavan' Leela for the ten-sided torture it presents !”

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    If you really want to know why the women in the films of Gautham Menon and Mani Ratnam feel like surprise showers in a deafening season of summer, curse yourself with an opportunity to get past Ram Leela. In actors like Havish,Abhijeeth and Nandita in its lead cast, the maker tries to tap a Ravi Teja (Havish-for his women-bashing dialogue and the no-strings-attached slang he mouths), a Salman Khan (Abhijeeth-What more? Body !) and a Madhuri Dikshit (Nanditha-for all her self-adoring closeups) to do a low-brow rehash of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

    The premise is potent talent show of what Ram Leela can go on to offer in the next couple of hours. Krish (Abhijeet), a heart-throbe (??) is a employee in an MNC, thronged by girls, who has parents desperate to help him land up with the 'Radha' for his life. He makes matter simpler for them. While in a telephonic conversation with his parents, he apparently finds a earth-shattering beauty in the form of yoga trainer on television and utters in the phone, ' Mee Kodalu Dorikesindoch !'. The family joins her in the very gym she's advertised for (Yay! Publicity worked ) and the marriage,honeymoon are just an imaginary duet and 5 minutes away. Now, get back to the Hindi film I had mentioned previously, shift the base to Malaysia where Ram (Havish) and Krish meet (Dashavatar I say), get to some, "Ee Ammailu Unnare"-brand jokes and some Saptagiri,Ali humour, bromance between the dudes (!!) and a sacrifice.THE END.

    Oops, did I miss the climax ? Here it is,lend it an ear. When a friend of a character tells, "You've given up the love of your life ? Don't you feel sad ?", the latter answers, "I'm a Superman ! I'm born to be single and stay this way. You look at Batman, Spiderman, Ironman (did I miss Shaktiman ?). I'm the same." The friend tells, "You're great !", a moment later. You nod your head for his choice to remain a bachelor !

    Nagineedu is a stern cop here and he gets another chance to prove that he's destined to remain a one-film wonder. Saptagiri, nicknamed 'Liver Boy' in a dialogue mouths all films of Maruthi (free publicity you-see) and the other moments, boozes, lends some gay-humour and calls Havish, 'Naa teenage mukka' (Inbox me what it means).

    Havish, meanwhile is in immediate need of a makeover, be it his accent, emoting skills,casual body language or even his appearance altogether. Though Abhijeet fares better in comparison, he needs to loosen up and be less camera-conscious. Nandita never quite gets an opportunity for a performance either, except for donning chiffon,cotton sarees in escapist duets filmed in Araku. Aksha makes a blink-and-a-miss appearance and that probably is just that and not anything more. The Ram here is a hit with the women and Krish is a single-woman man. A viewer would've walked some bit happier, had there been a proper mythological reference after all.

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