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Directed by : V Samudra

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  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Sevakudu is an action movie directed by V Samudra and stars Srikanth in the lead role

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Srikanth (Telugu)


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Save Yourself

Rated 1.0 / 5
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“Sevakudu” is one of those films that neither impresses nor inspires. It's exactly how a film should not be made but the irony is that's how most Telugu films are made today. With a done to death plot, the film doesn't even entertain, let alone inspire.

Thanks to Srikanth for saving one and all from choking ourselves to death with his dedicated performance but sadly there isn't any plot to justify his hard work. A retired police officer struggled all his life to maintain decorum in his department, but couldn't possibly succeed in his endeavor. But, he doesn't bow down to failure but swears to turn make his son realize his dream in having a corrupt free police department. What follows is the pursuit to build a corrupt free police department at any cost?

Srikanth is the saving grace and he tries his best to keep everything intact. The rest of cast falls like a deck of cards without even giving a handful of moments to enjoy. It deals with a plot that's been handled over a million times, yet we tread the same path. When will we see something off the beaten track in Telugu? I doubt if it's in the near future and even if it's I strongly feel if it will be any good at all.

The film is just another rehash of several Telugu films released over the years. Watching “Sevakudu” leaves you with the feeling of watching scenes from several films in the genre. And what irritates one the most is the fact that the film hardly spends any time in building any interest in the storyline besides being called clichxe9d.

Direction is aimless and lacks any sense of meaning or responsibility. Neither does he aspire to impress his with intellect nor does he entertain us with rib ticking comedy. All that the film manages to do is make one ask the question whether it was worth the money and time.

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