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Stars Kranthi, Sri Divya in the lead roles.


“This bridge meanwhile collapses midway!”

Vaaradhi Audience Review

Low budget romantic drama

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Satish Karthikeya's directorial venture is part fantasy, part preachy weaving a romance story with some introspection. At the center of it is Aradhana (Sri Divya) who is depressed after the boy she had fallen for in college and had proposed meets with an accident and dies.

Trouble comes looking for her when Vinay (Kranthi) is besotten by her and starts chasing and stalking her. What makes it worse is the fact that Vinay is a sadist who revels in troubling others in all weird ways, his quirks really annoying one and all. Conveniently, Vinay too meets with an accident and lo and behold he starts seeing spirits. These spirits are mostly kind and instigate a transformation in Vinay. He sees the evil in him and his sadistic ways and begins to change himself. How he finds the love of his life again makes for the rest of the story.

Vaaradhi is plagued by the problems of most low budget movies. The look isn't worth dying for and the music isn't killer although Vijay Gorthi did a decent job. The actors although involved do not have the depth and the direction takes them through weird and sometimes unnecessary sequences. While the premise is not so bad in itself, it needed a more insightful way of dealing with it, without shortcuts and assumptions that rob the movie of much of its veracity. Vinay's sadistic actions are exaggerated and so are the latter events in his love story. All in all, in a week when Mani Ratnam's OK Bangaram was released, it is hard to see why Vaaradhi is a better watch!

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