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Knocks at your interest, then leaves you bored!

  • Krishna Sripada

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 01, 2015 3:09 PM IST
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    Verdict - The thriller which is part spoof, part heist begins well but then quickly loses steam.

    Dhanalakshmi Talupu TaditheyWatch trailerRelease date : July 31, 2015

    Written and directed by Sai Achyut Chinnari and co-produced by Dhanaraj himself, Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey is a low-budget crime thriller that gets trapped in the same problems as a lot of other Telugu movies - the insatiable thirst to insert comedy forcibly and sidetrack the story that is getting you interested. Sindhu Tolani plays a minister whose niece has been kidnapped by Ranadhir and Srimukhi. They demand a ransom of 1 crore rupees. However, the kid could not be handed over as an accident takes place in the forest. The kid is found by another group of people who feel obliged to return the child to safety thereby bringing them unexpectedly to the wealth given to them as gratitude.

    So, there is a disgruntled pair of kidnappers and a gang of men with a lot of unexpected money. Led by themes of greed , the movie spirals into chaos but amidst all that suddenly, you find yourself watching a Pirates of the Caribbean parody. While it gets a few decent laughs, the theme gets over-squeezed for what it is worth. Honestly, the involvement of tribals and their portrayal is laugh-worthy and extremely amateurish. Like in all crime thrillers, the decent sum of money puts them through strange ordeals as they also have to deal with a disappointed Ranadhir who had chalked out the plan in the first place. Oh, you will also find a little bit of this and a litte bit of that, like Thagubothu Ramesh for example.

    Bole Shah Vali has done a decent job with the background score for a relative newcomer but then the music feels a little too familiar lacking the novelty that maked movies like Swamy Ra Ra stand out. Bereft of star power the movie punches above its weight, giving you a decent screenplay but where it fails is in the second half when the director clearly comes to the end of his ideas and is scrambling under pressure to deliver a deadly climax which he cannot manage. The camera work is a let down which could be because of the budget. At many points, the angles are crazy and not fit for a movie and are better suited for an over-exaggerated TV serial. All in all, the movie gives you more than you expect but how much could you really expect from an experimental tale with not a big ensemble cast?