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  • A terrible attempt at a rural love story!


    Desimartini | Updated - June 19, 2015 17:03 PM IST
    3.2DM (163 ratings)

    Verdict - Far-fetched and utterly badly executed tale without head or tail!

    Vinavayya RamayyaWatch trailerRelease date : June 19, 2015

    Vinavayya Ramayya is about a village boy named Chanti (Naga Anvesh) who is deeply in love with the daughter of his village head Chowdary (Prakash Raj). He has always wanted Janaki (Krithika of Drishyam fame) who has considered him as a good friend. He is heartbroken that she is getting married to someone else and doesn't have any interest in him. However, the tale Chanti weaves to his friends, misdirects them to believe both are equally in love. Spurred by over-enthusiasm to help their friend his friends played by Ali, Shakala Shankar and Brahmanandam, kidnap the bride. Only then do they realise their folly by which time the hero is already in attempts to woo the terribly distressed bride. However, as they spend some convenient time in an affluent farm house in Kerala at Ali's grandfather's bungalow, Janaki finally has a chance to see his love and accept it. Whether her family accepts it remains the question.

    The movie has quite a few excellent character artists. In fact, it was surprising to see Prakash Raj in such a low-profile role that hardly has him in his element. He almost looks out of place in such a ridiculous plot. So is Naresh who plays Chanti's father. Naga Anvesh, thanks to his experience as a child artist doesn't have much of a problem emoting. He is a good dancer too. But opposite him is Krithika who hasn't still come out of her shocked expression in Drishyam. There is hardly any chemistry between the lead pair. More importantly, the movie is entirely based on conveniently pretty surroundings, as stupid as it may seem. Brahmi's lackluster performance is a needless headache in a movie that was already suffering from Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar, neither of whom have been handed any funny lines or sub-plots. As a result the movie falls flat in its face. While the cinematography is pretty and Anup Rubens' music is decent, the plot-line suffers from the director's lack of vision or coherence in ideas. Take for example, the stay in Ali's family home. A young couple walking into their house without any luggage on them and they are still ready to believe the couple is in honeymoon. That is just a small sample of the unimaginable short-cuts that the director takes, even as he himself tries to deliberately pinpoint some cliches in normal Telugu movies.

    Vinavayya Ramayya is a sordid affair that is neither fresh nor charming like an Uyyala Jampala for example. It doesn't really tickle your ribs at any point, even as Anvesh tries too hard to attain too little. You can definitely sit this one out!

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