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A Strange Love Story

A Strange Love Story

3.5 248 Ratings

Directed by : Sahil Seth, Tarique Khan

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There are things that science can't explain and also some events that can't be understood. This story is based on a young aspiring photographer named Kabeer. A dream that he cherishes to show the world that he has never seen before. In the midst he unleashes of being not of this world.All what he cares for is a girl named Jen...more


“Acting, dialogue delivery, sequences and climax, everything at its worst. This strange love story promotes superstitions in a manner which is completely unbearable.”

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  • Gross: INR 0.06 cr.
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A Strange Love Story Audience Review

Word 'Strange' gets even stranger with this one

Rated 1.0 / 5

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When we hear 'Strange Love Story', we expect something nerve-wrecking but NO all your expectations are crushed in every way. The story is nothing great it goes around Mr. Photographer Kabir, his weird friend Billy and Ms. Model Riya Sen. Honestly, all of them need to work a lot to improve their acting skills; horrible dialogue delivery, expressionless faces, stupid accent and baseless sequences makes 'Strange love story' a complete disaster.

So getting further on the story; Mr. Kabir gets a strange idea to shoot a dargah at night and then all the so called STRANGE happenings start. During the shoot Riya faints and after that creepy thing starts happening to her. Then it converts into a murder mystery when Billy dies and Mr. Rana- The Cop enters. After confusing the audience regarding the genre of this movie (Suspense, Horror or murder mystery) they thought lets add some music to show Kabir's strange dancing skills. After all these bizarre chain of sequences audience might expect atlest something good in the end but again a BIG NO as the climax is even ridiculous.

Summarizing it all, 'Strange Love Story' gives new meaning to the word STRANGE and is unbearable. It gives free promotion to all the myths regarding tantriks, church fathers and people who can talk to spirits.

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