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3.4 67 Ratings

Directed by : Shankhadeep

Release Date : | Length : 109 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.0/5
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Cyrus and April meet randomly online and they start getting close but they never reveal their true identities. But patience runs out and they finally decide to meet. Somehow April manages to find out his true identity but Cyrus fails to do so. April thinks that Cyrus is too good for her and tries to sulk away in the fear of r...more


“A worthless rehash of Cinderella! Watch anything except this one.”

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  • Gross: INR 0.09 cr.
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Rated 1.0 / 5

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The director of this film must have woken up from the wrong side of his bed one day and seen a lot of fairness cream ads. Then, he stumbled upon an old story book. The book was Cinderella. The director got a brainwave! Kyun na Cinderella ki kahani aaj ke zamane mein dikhaye. He found a producer who must have jumped at the idea. Otherwise how do you explain someone putting his money on this stupid thought?

Now that you know that this is a rehash of Cinderella. Let me just tell you what I observed while watching this film. Right in the beginning at the end of the credit titles the heroine's voice over says Thodi si boring hai par guess what its my life (ya right and I had to sit through your boring life). The heroine Ankita as April is a true blue Tanushree Dutta look alike. She and the films hero Cryus (Ishaan Manhaas - his surname reminded me of that Shool ka dialogue man mein haas ke dikhao." study at this college called Dhan ta Nan 'Finolex Academy'. Either it is owned by Finolex or sponsored by them. There is a song with lyrics which goes like this school na hum jaayenge, cool hum banyenge, bas tere se padhenge love part which the editor snips off halfway as if he was frustrated and angry with the song. So in this version of the story the lovers meet over chat on fantasy mail. The guys chat name is prince who is a writer and the girls chat name is what else but Cinderella. April also has two irritiating step sisters and a mother who looks like a milder version of Dolly Bindra.

Final few words: If you dig finding entertainment in trashy films, here is one more to add to your list.

Rating : *

Ticket Meter: Not even worth renting it

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