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Creature 3D

Creature 3D

3.3 2,011 Ratings

Directed by : Vikram Bhatt

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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In the midst of the hilly terrains of Summer Hill, a young and enterprising girl Ahana launches her new, warm and cosy boutique hotel called ‘Glendale Forest Lodge’ where she meets Kunal; a famous author who is one of the first guests at the hotel. All goes well at Glendale till one day, Summer Hill gets attacked by ‘somethin...more


“Bhatt camp + horror films + Bipasha Basu used to be a match made in heaven. Then Creature 3D happened. Skip it. ”

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Bipasha Basu


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  • Gross: INR 14.51 cr.
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Rated 0.5 / 5
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Creature 3D is the movie equivalent of an uncleaned MCD bathroom. It doesn't just belong in the toilet, it needs to be locked up in there forever. Take the cheesiest, most predictable, C-grade, low budget hollywood horror movie you can think of, make the acting worse, the accents hilarious, and you end up with a movie that is about twice as good as Creature 3D.

Bipasha Basu plays Ahana, a pill popping hotelier who has frequent hallucinations about her deceased father. She's recently bought a hotel in the jungles of Himachal Pradesh. A major feature of this hotel is letting unsupervised couples take long walks in the jungles (because that can never ever end up badly, right?). She's anxiously preparing for her hotel's opening night, but nothing seems to be going her way. Nothing except this creature, that is. This creature happens to be a 'Brahm-Rakshas', which is hindi for buck toothed accursed creature with chinese mustache. One by one, this cuddly little monster introduces the patrons of this fine establishment to its digestive system. Bipasha Basu, along with a group of badly acted characters must now delve through local village folklore to find a way to kill this creature.

Creature 3D has no redeeming qualities. Its only moment of enjoyment was one delivered by accident (A supposedly scary scene which left me laughing uncontrollably). Special mention must go to the sound department, which did an absolutely shoddy job. The monster's "roar" was underwhelming and pretty much sounded like a man bellowing unsuccessfully. The music, fitting in with the scheme of things, was suitably terrible as well. There is absolutely no reason to go and watch this movie.

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