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Darr @ the Mall

Darr @ the Mall

3.1 1,975 Ratings

Directed by : Pawan Kripalani

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Asia's largest mall is ready for inauguration. Flagged as the country's prime shopping destination, it offers a superior fun option. To house the biggest brands, skating circuits, the best gaming zone- The mall might not be visited by many though. There's a myth surrounding the mall. Over the period of its construction people...more


“Darr @ the mall has an interesting idea but is low on the scare factor despite being technically sound. Skip it.”

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Nushrat Bharucha


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  • Gross: INR 4.90 cr.
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No – Darr At The Mall

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Fear is a difficult emotion to project on screen. At its worst it makes one laugh more than being scared. It is not easy to scare people but Pavan Kirpalani made an assured debut with Ragini MMS. One of the rare Hindi horror film that I liked in recent times. But, with this film he falls prey to the cliches of horror movies especially the Hindi ones.

It might be a good idea to set a horror film in a mall but, then what you do with it is another horror story.

Jimmy Shergill arrives at this mall to apply for a job of a security head. The mall is gearing up for inauguration, amidst rumors of it being haunted, due to certain unexplained deaths since its construction. The night of the inauguration turns into a nightmare, for the people and their families associated with the mall.

The film is too long for a horror film, and takes its own sweet time to reach the interval point. Unnecessary characters are introduced, with none of the characters standing out. There are no scares that work and post interval it just becomes a scream fest. Even the deaths are not done innovatively. It's like, after thinking of the idea of setting the story in the mall the director was lost in trying to write in good scenes around it. Even the back story is a lazy attempt at justifying the haunting.

To give the film its due credit, technically it's a very sound film. Shot well with a decent background score but, that is all there is to it.

Word of mouth - Darr at the mall is yet another horror film that fails to up the scare quotient.

Rating - ** (not worth it)

Ticket meter - worth 100 bucks

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