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Gandhi To Hitler

Gandhi To Hitler

3.1 273 Ratings

Directed by : Rakesh Ranjan

Release Date : | Length : 108 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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The film shows the ideological clashes between Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler during the last few days of the Second World War. The contemporary leaders of the era had entirely different approaches for discharge of their duties and responsibilities towards their nations and humanity. The former believed in "an eye for an eye...more


“Terrible performances, unconvincing setups and a weak storyline make Gandhi to Hitler a poor experience for the audiences. A must skip!”

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  • Gross: INR 0.36 cr.
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Gandhi To Hitler Audience Review


Rated 1.0 / 5

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You must have seen the Hitler viral in which he reacts to every current news story whether political, social or movies. The makers of this film seems to have found their inspiration in that viral.

This film which claims to be a masterpiece on world peace is about the last days of Hitler. Running parrarely is a walking and preaching Mahatma and a walking Aman Varma who is a soldier of azaad hind sena. He and his team of soldiers are trying to reach India. The big joke is that all the characters are played by Indians. The German soldiers are Indian, the Russian soldiers are Indian and well the Indian soldiers are also Indian. This is not all. Even the portions depicting Germany or Russia is shot in some hills of India. It is a very India centric patriotic film. This is one film which should have been killed at it's idea stage. It is indeed brave of the filmmaker to even think of attempting this film. I wonder at what stage they bought in Imtiaz Ali as a creative consultant. It would have been a tough task for him to offer any kind of consultation. Raghuvir Yadav's portrayal of Hitler is what an actor's nightmare is made of. Now i know why Anupam Kher doesn't want to return the signing amount. He must have kept it as a compensation for even considering this film and for the mental torture he must have gone through during the script narration. Neha Dhupia walked through her part looking completely disinterested. The best supporting actor award should go to all those actors who stood around Raghuvir Yadav with a dead pan expression and for not laughing when he was doing a nautanki of a performance. To add fuel to fire i had to endure several long scenes of Aman Amitabh Varma and his overacting. The only sane actor was the girl who played the part of his wife.

Final few words: Gandhi to Hitler can make you feel as if you are trapped in a bunker. It is a suffocating watch.

Rating : *

Ticket meter : not even worth a dvd watch.

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