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Directed by : Harshavardhan Kulkarni

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Mandar Ponkshe is an ordinary guy, meaning there is hardly anything extraordinary about him. He dresses very un-dandily if there was such a term, wears a goatee to hide what could be considered a weak chin. Mandar does not attract attention because he wants to be seen as ordinary. But behind that façade is a story - of an int...more


“Hunterrr came, he saw, he conquered and then stumbled!”

Hunterrr Credit & Casting

Gulshan Devaiah

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  • Gross: INR 12.87 cr.
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Some funny moments but not enough meat...

Rated 2.5 / 5

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When I first the promo of Hunterrr, I wasnt exactly blown away by it, but it had some funny moments. Nevertheless, I made that trip to sit for those 150 min(yes, thats a lot) & came out feeling exactly how I felt about the trailer...a few good moments but overall, meh.


1. A lovely little world that the director creates for his characters to play in.

2. Some laugh out loud moments, especially between the parents, neighbours & Mandar's friends.

3. The actors. Radhika Apte & Sai steal the show with lovely earnest performances.

4. Some very cool music.

5. A good 2nd half that actually took the film somewhere.


1. At 150 min, the film is painfully long for something that could have been done in 30 min less. Very self-indulgent.

2. At times one feels its almost a regional Marathi film with shoddy production values and camerawork.

3. The first half is painfully long and boring for most of it. The story doesnt move and really kicks into gear only post the interval.

4. While I did like the songs, a film like this does not warrant 7-9 of them. At one point it almost seems like a musical.

To sum it up, Hunterrr is a cute small film, more sweet than sleazy, so if you are wondering if its a sex-comedy one can watch with family, Yes you can. The true question is if one must watch this in the theater at all....the answer to which is sadly not.

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