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Kahaani 2

Kahaani 2

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Directed by : Sujoy Ghosh

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Kahaani 2 is an Indian thriller film directed by Sujoy Ghosh and produced by Jayantilal Gada with Ghosh as a co-producer. It features Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal in lead roles.The film happens to be in the Kahaani franchise but is not a sequel of the 2012 film thriller film.


“This version of Kahaani isn’t much of a mystery, but will still blow you away!”

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Vidya Balan

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Kahaani 2 Review: Vidya Balan is back with this edge-of-the-seat thriller!

Rated 4.0 / 5
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It was back in 2012 when the Bollywood junkies were gifted a gem of a thriller after a long time! The film gave us not just a top form Vidya Balan, but also brought Nawazuddin Siddique to the bigger picture. We are talking of Kahaani! And well however much one would want to watch Kahaani 2 without the shadow of its previous part, you just cannot completely do away with the baggage of expectation that it comes with!

But this movie will not just succesfully fulfil all your expectations, but will leave you feeling absolutely awesome. Because hey, Kahaani2 is simply a brilliant cinematic gem!

Let's first start with the fact that Kahaani 2 has nothing to do with Kahaani. It is a completely different story about a mother-daughter duo. Speaking any word more will have the risk of giving away even 1% of the story, so I will refrain from it!

For starters, this movie too is set in the locales of Bengal. This time it is the small town Chandannagar and the picteresque Kalimpong that the film has been shot extensively in. And it is this setting that helps set up the initial mood of the film.

The storyline gets through a number of twists and turns! And keeping up with the classic Sujoy Ghosh style of writing and direction, be sure to be surprised every moment. The storyline is taut, which will keep you hooked till the very end. The first half creates a perfect build-up. The second half gets a little diverted in one or two scenes, but you can easily pass them off.

The best part about the story is the edge of the seat suspense that will make your hair stand. And Sujoy Ghosh has used a very classical method to ease you even in this kind of movie- through comic relief. The comic elements are so seamlessly put togther in between the story that it will give you the much-needed momentary relief.

Talking of the cast, well Vidya gives one of her career best performance. She is absolutely brilliant as the strong headed, independent yet vulnerable mother who can go to any extent to protect her child! And she has mastered the body language to look convincing for the role, so much so that you will forget that you are watching Vidya act and will actually believe in the character.
Arjun Rampal plays a cop and he too slays it in the film. It has been long since we saw Arjun perform this brilliantly! You will never know till the end what he is really upto!
The actors of the side roles do justice to the film. But the best amongst them would definitely be Naisha Khanna who plays the kid Minnie. Harshali Malhotra, you have a competition!

Another big aspect of the film is the music. It is the background music that does a lot in building the suspense. The songs are blended in the film and perfectly timed. They are soft and easy on the ears! Also the film ends with a rabindrasangeet!

There is also a very important issue that the film deals with. This movie is definitely one of the best thrillers made this year, and you should not miss this one!

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