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2.9 619 Ratings

Directed by : Anurag Basu

Release Date : | Length : 123 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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A story of betrayal, violence and love set in the sultry locales of Mexico.

Kites Credit & Casting

Hrithik Roshan


Kites Box Office

  • Gross: INR 47.85 cr.
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Kites Audience Review

After soaring High, KITES had a Crash-Plummet!!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Hrithik Roshan is the youngest actor to carve a niche in "Superstar" bandwagon. In his just-a-decade short career, He stands tall amidst Khiladi and the flag bearers of Khan-dom. Fans across the world were waiting with baited breath, for his next release after a gap of nearly two and half years. The curiosity and expectations exceed few more notches when its his home production, where he had never put off a wrong foot. This time though, there is a catch; Papa Roshan decided to rope-in an outsider- Anurag Basu to direct the movie. It was remained to see whether a young mind had brought freshness to the foray OR all that important midas touch was lost in the interim.KITES has been touted as a cross-country love saga; few Bolly-nagris loyalists expected it to bridge the gap between the Bollywood and the West. I hate to admit that with such a stale and non-happening love story, the aforesaid gap is further widened by few more miles. Half way through the flick and you would realize that the spirits of the makers are soaring higher than what their product intends to be. The biggest let-down of KITES is its clichd storyline, which lacked heart-n-soul; hardly any twist in the tale with characters and sequences traveling on the familiar terrain. Its like same old tried-and-tasted (a zillion times) dish with few embellishments over the top; garnishing might attract cinemagoers to take a plunge but leaves them ghastly starved at the fag end. When script fails to make an impact, an able craftsmanship makes amends for the lost plot. Sadly, Anurag Basu fails miserably donning both Writers and Directors hats. KITES kicks off at high note, goes flat within a couple of reels and remains in deep slumber throughout, thereafter.The chemistry between the lead-pair is of paramount importance for any love story to flourish. Supposedly sizzling chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara fails to create any ripples; on the contrary the frizzle in it, is as dead as a dodo. What adds to the woes of the Indian version of Kites is the fact that more than 80% of the movie is either in English or Spanish; Hindi subtitles might not save Kites off desi blushes. Apart from Kay-Kays two mellifluous numbers viz Zindagi do Pal ki and Dil kyun yeh Mera, Rajesh Roshan errs in his maiden international stint. Background score by Salim Sulaiman is better than the original one; Action and Cinematography is of top notch.Hrithik Roshan is the lone saving grace of this, otherwise sorry tale of events. Though movie fails to fulfill the promise of being an International biggie, Hrithik enacts a knight in shining armor and looked at ease in each and every frame. Not only, Hrithik stamped his authority over all his competitor dancing stars in the country and across with his deadly moves and grooves, he also made sure his fans (irrespective of sexes) would go gaga over his perfectly chiseled body, yet again. There was hardly any support for this poor chap, though. While Kangna was totally wasted in her half a dozen minutes role, Kabir Bedi could have done better than his walk-in-and-stroll-out kinda appearance. Nicholas Brown looks ludicrous as a chief antagonist and fails to send chills down audiences spine. The foreign recruit, Barbara Mori enjoyed quite a hype and hoopla in Indian media for last few months. After the release, it would be left assured that the honeymoon period for this Latino bombshell is over and done with, atleast in Bollywood circuit. Her dumb-act just fails to connect to the Indian audiences; even in her skimpy clothes she could not raise the bar of oomph-meter which has been set by her desi counterparts- Bebo, Lara, Bipasha and Deepika, to name the few. As an incentive, she might end up endorsing some toothpaste brands in India thanks to her teeth-flashing-smiley act in major portions of the film.Verdict: Thanks to all the external factors, KITES had a smooth take-off; but an emergency-landing midway through, is just palpable. Even Bollywoods Greek God would not be able to hold on to this KITE(s) with no string attached.

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