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Kucch Luv Jaisaa

Kucch Luv Jaisaa

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Release Date : | Length : 105 Minutes

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Mrs Madhu Saxena, a bored housewife runs into Raghav, a criminal on the loose! With this begins a one-day adventure of the duo and which changes their lives forever!

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Rahul Bose

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Rated 2.0 / 5
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The film boasted of some real inspired casting. And the premise, from the glimpses we got to see from the trailers, seemed extraordinarily compelling. More so, Vipul Shah helming the project definitely added to the curiosity. That said, however, Kuch Luv Jaissa is a film that is clueless.

Shefali Shah is Madhu Saxena who's surrendered to monotony of her life, waking up the kids, putting up the breakfast, then cooking food et al. Its her birthday which her husband, played by Saumit Saxena is hardly exciting. He crawls to his office, and does some business dealing with women and their likings (its not fully explained). The kids put an illusion they have forgotten. More agonizing is the fact that the date is 29th Feb.

Bored housekeeper decides to have an adventurous birthday, she opts for a makeover and gets a shining red car. Well, we like the impromptu transformation too. But then she also decides to assist Rahul Bose - who pretends to be a detective, but is a part of the mafia at large involved with illegal passport business.

Madhu is stupid enough - a situation the writers of the film might argue comes from the spur of the moment - yet is totally implausible as no housewife with her brains mounted at the right place would go on an expedition reaching the outskirts and the secluded parts of the city.

As if that was not moronic enough to attempt, even when she comes across the actual identity of Bose, she doesn't relent, infact she calls the entire sequence a reflex errupting out of 'doesti'. Touche.

And there the diminutive significance of the outright cheesy title. What Bose and Shah are going through is 'Kuch Luv Jaissa'. Wow.

The screenwriters had ample landscape to jump and explore. Yet they bound themselves to the "emotional connect" two strangers feel for one another. What we can adjudge is - it is possibly due to a detailed karmic connection coming from sharing the same birthday (it comes once in 4 years)

So another solid context for a film gone disappointingly flat. Saviour's of the film include pleasing performances. Rahul Bose - though gave the notion of being a suave criminal turns out to be a tapori goonda, although with utmost ease he pulls of the part. Om Puri appears as Shefali's father and one wonders how disturbingly one fine actor is destroyed.

The shimmer of the film is Shefali Shah. She is so terrifically placed in the film that is lethargically paced, you come close to having an emotional drift to her. From being the exhausted home-keeper to a bustling woman out of control. She delights with her act. The film fails.

If you want to withdraw from authenticity, and give an attempt to believe what Kucch Luv Jaisaa displays, it is risky that you wouldn't be bored with the pacing of the film. At one point in the film Shefali's Madhu comments, "What a fool I am, I didn't even realize". You'd say the same thing while you exit the hall.

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