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Luv U Soniyo

Luv U Soniyo

2.9 165 Ratings

Directed by : Joe Rajan

Release Date : | Length : 144 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Luv U Soniyo is the story of a Catholic boy who falls in love with a Punjabi girl.


“Luv U Soniyo fails as a romantic comedy due to poor acting and writing. Skip it.”

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Tanuj Virwani


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  • Gross: INR 2.67 cr.
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Luv U Soniyo Audience Review

Kill me someone! please!

Rated 0.5 / 5
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She, that is Soniyo (yes that is what the heroine of the film is called) is a punjabi engaged to the wrong guy. He is a goan christian who adores her. She will discover that he is right for her and get together with him eventually. Only glitch, why torture us to see how that happens? God alone should know the answer to that.

Luv U Soniyo not just has Love spelt wrong, it also has the whole definition set of story direction acting music anything and everything to do with cinema wrong. Trite dialogues, inept acting, apallingly imbecilish churlish situations and some ear drum shattering music, the film is wrong at so many levels that ending your life seems to be the only reprive from the enterprise.

A launch vehicle for Rati Agnihotris son, the film has two debutants who were played into a sad joke stating they could act and the director could direct. Zilch is the highest level they can reach in terms of screen presence, with sub minus acting talent and absolutely doped out expressions they lumber through the inane scenes like zombies who coudlnt care less for diseased humans around. Why would a mother put her son through such an embarassing ordeal and get the world to see it is something Rati should be asking herself really hard over a cup of poison once the film gets out of the theatres, and trust me that is happening right now as i type this review out, for i cannot fathom why any sane human being would want to conitue with a show of this film after the first mistaken one.

Remo D Souza comes in towards the end though, to add salt to your already post mortemed body, singing a song that seems so out of place in the movie as you on pluto. Drive a screwdriver through your head the moment you even contemplate going near a theatre playing this film. For your own good.

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