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Directed by : Abbas Mustan

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Director duo of Abbas-Mustan take their legacy ahead launching the family boy Mustafa Burmawala who happens to be the son Abbas Burmawala from Abbas-Mustan. Machine also stars Kiara Advani as the female lead.


“Old, rusty & an inefficient machine that's unlikely to work for you!”

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Mustafa Burmawala


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A tragic mystery.

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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The duo directors of Abbas and Mastan have come out with their new venture Machine after a considerable period of time.Offcouse their forte continues to be the thriller format.This time they introduce Mustafa(the son of Abbas) in an anti-hero role.
What's the plot? There's a college somewhere in Himachal Pradesh.Within the ' gang' of five students,two boys woo Sarah Thapar( Kaira Advani),their class mate.A fresh student Ransh( Mustafa) has joined the college.Both,Sarah and Ransh fall in love at the first sight on the race track of cars,the two being ace car drivers.Two among the three suitors now ,two get killed in road 'accidents'.Who's behind this? Why?
Sarah and Ransh get married.It's on the honeymoon trip that Sarah is thrown off from the hillock deep in the valley.By whom? Why? It's intermission at this stage.
A look alike suitor appears post half time.What's his game plan? By now Ransh has shifted to Georgia.Here also he befriends the daughter of a wealthy tycoon .When all seems set for the marriage ,the girl's father is murdered.Why? By whom? By now Sarah has come to know the evil designs of his fugitive husband.Who rescued her? The end is tragic.Who departs? How?
The positives? Not many except for the surprise machinations of the parent of a character.One tends to agree with the basic premise- greed for money has converted humans into machines.As you feed,so you reap.Ends are more important ,not means.
The negatives? All songs are a rehash of earlier hits.No ne has performed above average.Ronit Roy,Dalip Rahul,Sharat Saxena and Johnny Lever go through their motions in a routine manner.The lead pairing leaves much to be desired.
All in all,Machine is run of the mill.Could be viewed once.

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