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Nanu Ki Jaanu

Nanu Ki Jaanu

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Directed by : Faraz Haider

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Directed by Faraz Haider, Nanu Ki Jaanu is an India horror film that stars Abhay Deol and Patralekha in lead.


“Abhay Deol’s third release in five years is undoubtedly his worst”

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Nanu Ki Jaanu Review

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Avipsha Sengupta (344,799 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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So is Naanu Ki Jaanu a comedy? In parts. Is it’s a horror? Yeah…kinda. Is it a love story? A bizarre one. Is it a dark comedy? Is it a thriller? I am not sure. No. Is it a PSA on road safety? Most likely
Everything put together Naanu ki Jaanu is bad cinema at its absolute worst. The screenplay goes on like a kid lost in a toy shop and picking up whatever looks fancy and trendy. Although the actual plot is wafer thin but the director Faraz Haider, who made a decent film with War Chodh Na Yaar, wanted to cram too many flavor in to the said wafer which leaves a terrible taste in your mouth. They pick and choose plots and soon lose interest in them only to realize later that some of them need to be addressed in the end.
The plot is almost as pointless as the decision to watch the film. There is one too many characters in the films, which could have been interesting, but just adds to the torture somehow due to tragic direction. There is a bunch of small time crooks, Naanu and his gang of friends who take over rented apartments and force owner to sell them at a much cheaper rate. There is a montage of him gulping shots in nightclubs and making out in his SUV lest we forget that the character is from Noida, though there is India Gate in the background whenever he is driving. There is a also a wife beater husband, a Kunica Lal ‘jisko mata aati hai, a husband who hides his alcohol from his wife, a cute special child, a ‘chant’ dude who rips off money from others, all of them who live in a super posh apartment in Noida which quite frankly, does not look like they can afford. There is an accident, a change of heart, a hapless father, a bizarre and half cooked love story, a Himani Shivpuri, a beef lynching angle and the list goes on. But there is simply no coherence. Oh! There is also a Patralekha who is…there…kinda.
What’s really tragic in the film is the way they have wasted a superb star-cast that includes names like Abhay Deol, Manu Rishi, Rajesh Sharma Brijendra Kala who have been given such a poor script that it is unbearable to watch them deliver. Abhay must have had some really compelling reasons to do the film and along with Manu Rishi, he gives certain watchable moments in the film. To be honest I have not seen Citylights thus this was my first encounter with Patralekha as an actress. The woman looks really pretty, but then she is hardly even there and whatever part she has been given, she reads the lines as if from a teleprompter with utter dispassion. It is incomprehensible why she would wait for so long after Citylights and chose this script. Poor thing must have spent more time promoting than acting or reading the script if there was any. It is their love story which is perhaps the weakest thing in the story and that’s a lot to say about a film where every aspect crashes and burns
To give credit where its due, although mindless, the initial half an hour gives a faint reminder of the brilliant Oye Lucky Lucky Oye which had the same team. But soon that effect fades away giving way to a hotch-potch that has no clue as to what it is trying to say ultimately. The climax, especially, is the worst you have seen in a while, and I saw Raabta. Just saying
The music is nothing to write about neither is the cinematography. However, there is a romantic song between Abhay and Patralekha that is so bizarre that had the experience not been so bad it would have been funny. The best part of the film is perhaps the song with Sapna Chaudhry and the only 5 minutes when you don’t have the ‘kya yaar’ expression on your face. Abhay Deol delivering thumkas with Sapna Chaudhry was the only enjoyable thing about the film.
In conclusion, Naanu Ki Jaanu tries to be a lot of things but ultimately ends up being just one thing- a mind-numbingly bad film that doesn’t deserve your time of money.

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