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One By Two

One By Two

2.9 839 Ratings

Directed by : Devika Bhagat

Release Date : | Length : 139 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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This is the story of Amit and Samara - two souls in Mumbai, a city of millions and how the universe conspires to bring them together. This is a coming of age film about how two people are destined to meet but only when their individual lives are ready for each other. Through a chance encounter, a series of coincidences and fa...more


“One By Two has an interesting premise which is brought down by half-baked writing and excessive length. The film has its moments but it fails to become the unique romantic comedy it sets out to be.”

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Abhay Deol

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  • Gross: INR 2.66 cr.
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Shit Happens!

Rated 3.0 / 5
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Last week I watched Jai Ho in a multiplex theatre. I was on my own in an empty theatre, which I put down to Qayamat Ki Nishani. This week I watched One by 2 in a single screen cinema theatre. On my own in an empty theatre once more. This is the true picture of how India is divided . One by 2.

The movie is beautiful. Lagta hai sari movie has been shot ek one by 2 sq foot Colaba corner mai. Desai plays a lissome lass just dumped by her dance group's director, she quits the troupe in protest. Abhay Deol plays a cubicle rat, recent dumpee (though I find that hard to believe as we will soon watch how he can make Nirma washing powder sexy too) on the verge of a breakdown. There is the lovely Dubey who makes for a very interesting mother and you will start out by wishing Dubey is your mum but will end up counting yourself blessed if Rati Agnihorti (who plays Deol's) is .

The film screen will constantly split into two (though the twain will never meet). A drink spills over on a table in one half of the screen, to be mopped up by the other protagonist in the other bit.

On its own everything in the movie is lovely. The acting, the dance portions, the people, the words, the city. The songs. But together in that One By Two soup bowl. Meh. We aren't happy. BAAT kiya hai? As Deol's character sings at one time. What makes a movie "resonate" with us, hit the spot?

And finally Deol does have a breakdown and the movie picks up but a bit.

The movie is sexy but does not have enough sass. Pleasant but will not give most film audiences any pleasure, though never in Hindi cinema has a fortuitous fart put us out of the Will They Won't They Ever Meet agony.

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