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Directed by : Ashok Nanda

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Like every young soul, Rahul also searches for something deep inside. Rahul's quest sees the light of the day when he stumbles upon a beautiful suburban girl Bela. Bela belongs to a community in central-western India, which will celebrate her becoming eighteen years of age. But a wealthy businessman, who is also a part of the...more


“Poor direction, awful performances and ridiculous scripting make Rivaaz a must skip.”

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  • Gross: INR 0.33 cr.
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The poster of this film has a backless girl and faces of some prominent supporting actors of recent times. One of the producers of this film is into the business of wires. The film is available in 7.1 sound in selected theatres. Before the film I was wondering why 7.1, and I found the answer half way through the film.

Whats it about? Rivaaz is about a love story set against the backdrop of a tradition in a small village in India. We dont know where this village is because even the number plate on a vehicle which reads Govt of ___ is blurred to hide which Govt rules here. The tradition is of prostitution where the men in the village trade their daughters and the daughters too have accepted this rivaaz as their fate except one who falls in love with a sehri babu who has come for his friends sisters wedding. I guess everyone knows what will happen next.

Does it work for me? No

Why? Director Ashok Nanda clearly has no talent as a director and it shows through the film. In fact even seasoned actors ham as if they are going through their first session in an acting school. The back ground music director is on a roll throughout the film. It felt that he has scored the music looking at a completely different film. Observing the background music is the only entertainment you might find in this film. That was the reason for 7.1. Lucky are those who will get to hear it in 7.1. The makers must have thought the background is at par with Hollywood films. The other LOL moment in the film comes when in a flashback scene Deepti Naval is dressed and made up to look young with her hair tied in two chotis. Ritisha Vijayvargya (Bela) a contestant of I am she from Jaipur makes her debut which she would like to forget after watching herself on screen. Manoj Biddvai a television actor makes his movie debut and proves it that not everyone is Shahrukh Khan to make a successful transition from small screen to big screen. The only good thing about the film is it deals with a subject which could have become a sleazy sex film but the makers avoided skin show and titillating scenes.
Final few words: Rivaaz is to be watched only by the brave. If the title or posters give you the idea of some skin show wala sleaze film stay away.

Rating: *

Ticket Meter: Not even worth a dvd watch

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