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Directed by : Lalit Marathe

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Shabri is the story of how a simple woman from the Mumbai slums end up threatening the biggest corridors of power in the matka gambling underworld of the city. It's a story of survival, dignity, determination and human triumph in the face of impossible odds.


“Based on the life of a female gangster, Shabri mixes a great story with decent direction and a few remarkable performances like Isha Koppikar’s. Can be watched once!”

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Manish Wadhwan

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  • Gross: INR 0.37 cr.
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Shabri is one of those films which was lying in the cans for a long time waiting for a release. It was relieving to see a film produced by Ram Gopal Varma minus the horny camera angles and to see a director's work who comes across inspired by his producer but also has a voice of his own like Shimit Amin & Sriram Raghavan who made their directorial debut with a RGV film.

Story kya hai? - Shabri is a prologue of a gangster's life. The big difference here is that this time the gangster is a woman. How a personal tragedy triggered by a cop leads to Shabri becoming the gangster is what the film is about.

Does it work for me - Yes.

Why? - i love gangster films and especially the ones which gives the genre a fresh twist. I found Shabri meditative. The director Lalit Marathe weaves a script which after a point works like a chess game being played. One move after another. The one thing which was a little unsettling was that almost all the characters are in a zen mode as if everyone has come out of a vipassana session. Lalit got me into the mind of the characters. All the time during the film i was thinking what will be their next move. For a change the background score was not trying to make it's presence felt. Eesha Koppikar gets the role of her life time. In D i had seen the spark and the potential in her to play this kind of a role and here she goes all out to make the best use of the opportunity. Raj Arjun stands out with his silent and intense performance. This film makes me want to start reading my copy of mafia queens of Mumbai asap. I don't think this film will find an audience at the box office but will definitely find it on television and home viewing.

Final few words : Shabri is a meditation on the underworld and Lalit Marathe is a director to watch out for.

Rating : ***

Ticket meter : worth a 100 bucks.

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