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Singham Returns

Singham Returns

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Directed by : Rohit Shetty

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Following the 2011 super hit movie Singham, the honest & fearless Bajirao Singham returns to Mumbai being a DCP Mumbai Police.The story jumps into action when a police constable from Singham’s squad is found dead having scampered away holding enormous sum of money and is charged of being corrupt. As the story unravels, Si...more


“Singham returns without the power and intensity of its prequel. Despite Ajay Devgn's brilliant performance, the Rohit Shetty style action is a disappointment. An irritating Kareena and over use of Aata Majhi Satakli make it a one time watch. ”

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  • Gross: INR 140.15 cr.
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Singham Returns, not his magic!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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In 2011, Singham came, roared and captured many hearts & a lot was expected from this super-cop as he came out of his den yet again with Singham Returns. Unfortunately, despite Ajay Devgn's immense efforts, it ended up being a disappointing & confused action thriller. For me, the main spoiler was Kareena Kapoor with her over-energetic and over-enthusiastic portrayal.

The plot starts with a police constable being found dead along with an enormous sum of money and is later on charged of being corrupt. The now DCP Singham, discovers the conspiracy behind it and also its masterminds who then kill Singham's mentor and a noble politician, Guruji. How Singham tackles these gundas and once again saves the state is the story that follows.

Rohit Shetty tries really hard to make the sequel grand by inducing more power politics, more singham powers, more big actors, more nonsensical comedy, more over the top action, more save the country philosophy, more social messages ,more media, more glamour & definitely more 'Cars' but it's nothing more than a failed over-ambitious attempt.

He overdid a lot of Singham elements especially Aata Majhi Satakli which kept repeating in every ten minutes. However, the quality of film-making surely improved for Rohit. The way Singham Returns was shot was very vibrant and appealing to the eyes. The Rohit Shetty crew really deserves all the credit to take his technical skills a level up.

The movie's runtime was almost two and a half hours which seems way too long - bad piece of work from the editor. The scope for cutting down illogical Kareena Kapoor scenes was enormous.

An alternate name for the movie could easily have been Cars Return. The movie starts with a car show and ends with a car show. And in every possible action scene you see cars flying, colliding, bombing, crashing and what not. Also , to my amaze, the central minister's car is not bullet proof nowadays. To top it all, the 'DCP' Singham now drives a 'pink' coloured 'Zen Estilo' instead of his usual and more manly Scorpio. Why Singham Why?

The music is average and there is no exceptional song that just makes you go wow! Though Aata Majhi Satakli is catchy, I find it really shitty and irritating with all those crab hands. This music album didn't really work out for Meet Bros Anjjan.

As I kept watching the movie, I Just realized that it's only Ajay Devgn who can totally pull off a Singham and the sole reason for it is his intensity which cannot be matched by any of his counterparts. His eyes are just enough to make you believe that a super-cop like Singham could exist and his voice and delivery makes ordinary dialogues look real classy. If Singham works for me, it is only Ajay who makes it happen.

As much as Ajay was brilliant in his portrayal, Kareena was dreadfully irritating as Avni. This was perhaps the most over-acting done by her after Main Prem Ki Deewani Hun. Probably If she would not have been in the movie, I would have given it an extra star. I know I am being harsh, but seriously, I just can't help it.

Amol gupte really tried hard to do a Prakash Raj but failed terribly. He was far from menacing and his caricatured character made it worse. Also, the Amercian Dasiyan never really helped. Dayanand Shetty aka Daya is Daya, Cut-Copy-Paste from C.I.D. There is also a special sequence where Singham orders Daya- Daya Darwaza Tod. Ashwini Kalsekar did okay playing the stereotypical media journalist rather a Barkha Dutt copy. Zakir Hussain is average and offers nothing different or new. Anupam Kher is average in his short and very predictable character. Mahesh Manjrekar suits perfectly in his role of the righteous politician. Sameer Dharmadhikari, Pankaj Tripathi have been poorly utilized. A special mention to the actress who played the dead police constable's wife had a sequence with Ajay Devgn in which she was amazing. Also, Ashok Saraf (from Singham 1) too was missed.

In all, Singham Returns is yet again a Ajay Devgn show but this time with no one there to support him.

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