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3.4 5,080 Ratings

Directed by : Divya Khosla Kumar

Release Date : | Length : 145 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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Yaariyaan is a college-based romantic and adventurous film


“Yaariyan has only one thing going for it - the music. The acting, writing and directing never seem to become each other's yaars or yours.”

Yaariyan Credit & Casting

Himansh Kohli

Yaariyan Box Office

  • Gross: INR 38.46 cr.
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Yaariyan Audience Review


Rated 2.0 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I thought the saddest thing I had witnessed in the past couple of days was Deepti Naval-- distraught, ashen faced at the demise of her dear friend Farooque Sheikh.


The saddest thing was seeing the brilliant Deepti Naval appearing in this turd of a movie.

Why Ms. Naval why?

Yaariyan's director Diya Khosla in an interview shared how her husband asked her

"why do you want to make a film? I can buy you anything worth Rs 5-10 crore as a gift; you don't have to go through the grind."

So then why Ms Khosla why?

Yaariyan borrows some of its scenes from Main Hoon Na , the female cast most probably borrows its wardrobe from Diya Khosla's closet and Victoria Secret rejects...everyone seems so heavily influenced by Diya Khosla's questionable fashion sense. There is a silly wager from Lagaan and the film also tries to channel the dynamics of Student of the Year, while paying homage to all the ugly ducklings turn swans and the buddy films from 90s cinema when T-Series reigned supreme. So a little bit of this, a little bit of that, some catchy music and guest appearances by random cleavages, T&A; (pardon my French).

So the first twenty miutes have us follow a young man (Himansh Kohli) on a college campus in Sikkim though most of the female population seem exchange students from Eastern Europe, his hormones are driving him crazy and he is on his quest to get his first kiss. The movie then switches to the King of Sikkim signing over the college auditorium,girl's hostel, and sports ground to an Australian developer who wants to build a casino on the campus. Now the student population has spent a better portion of the semester watching Randy Romeo trying to score on campus, egged on by a bunch of nubile nymphets in various states of dress and undress. The college principal is GULSHAN GROVER for Pete's sake. So a casino on campus is a case of natural progression in my view. Win. Win For All.

But no Principal sahib has been offended. And Mean Australian has just sniggered "What ExtraCurricular Activity, College Sports, Man! Indian Student Only Rattu Tota "

Principal Sahib challenges an Aus-Indian Student Cultural Sports Face Off and if the Indian students were to win "lagaan maaf for 3 years" sorry "lease for auditorium and sports field extended for 100 years".

Australian Developer:" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED".

Of course a motley crew of Indian students will leave for Australia.

Of course the Australians will cheat.

And bash up a valiant Indian lad who wants to make enough money so his mother -gasp! shock! horror!-doesnt have to work in a school.

Of course I will cringe in my seat at the blatant nationalism by the Clean And Clear Manoj Kumars of today, and the immature sexist gag reels borrowed from a genre popularised by Kiya Super Cool Hain Hum.

I am so glad I am not 19 any more and have none of the pressure young people may have to watch and like this film as their generation's High School Musical. That I do not have to follow up on the life and times of the lead actors for they will never be my generation's "youth icons".

Aint I lucky that my generation was blessed with Madhuri Dixit, the other big ticket this week. Yup, truly blessed.

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