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3.1 2,724 Ratings

Directed by : Syed Ahmad Afzal

Release Date : | Length : 130 Minutes

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Youngistaan is essentially a love story set in the backdrop of Indian politics. It is the story of Abhimanyu Kaul & the love of his life, Anwita Chauhan. Abhimanyu Kaul, a young boy living an ordinary life in Japan, finds himself in the political spotlight due to the sudden death of his father, the Prime Minister of India...more


“Youngistaan fails at both politics and romance due to bad lead performances and an unrealistic story. We're left to wonder why Farooq Sheikh signed up for this movie. ”

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Jackky Bhagnani

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  • Gross: INR 6.99 cr.
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Good Bwoy PM

Rated 2.5 / 5

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I like political films to be either hardcore gritty and realistic (the last good one : Shanghai) or the ones that plays to the gallery (the last good one : Nayak) Youngistaan falls in between these two kind of film.

It is a love story with politics at the centre of it. In a way, politics is the conflict between two lovers. Abhimanyu (Jacky Bhagnani) and Anvita ( Neha Sharma) are happily 'living in' for the past three years in Japan. Abhimanyu is a game developer. They drink together, they puke together. Until, Abhimanyu's father (Boman Irani) drops dead. He also happens to be the prime minster of India. Abhimanyu reluctantly becomes the youngest prime minister of India (28 year old). The film is about how he traverses the political path while trying to keep his love life intact.

Syed Ahmad Afzal makes a decent debut as a director. His direction is not over the top and most of the time is quite low key. But, that becomes its undoing, as the film ended up as bland and boring. It is neither a comedy nor a satire. The idea had the potential to be one of the two. Imagine a reluctant young developer who becomes the prime minster, and his adventures of trying to get himself thrown out of the job, leading to bringing about a change. That is the kind of potential this idea had. Alas!

The highlight of the film is to see Farooque Shaikh in an extremely calm and composed performance. His presence in the film just lights up the frame. Even though Jacky Bhagnani does an earnest job it is difficult to imagine him in the role of a prime minister. In a film that talks about progressive thoughts like a PM 'living in' with his girlfriend, Neha Sharma's role is relegated to a regressive stay at home girl friend who does nothing but sulks and supports the hero at regular intervals, while looking hot at all times.

Word of Mouth - In the film Neha Sharma asks Jacky Bhagnani " PM banne ke liye tumhari qualification kya hai?" the honest answer would be " Mere daddy producer hai". A decent film, only if you can digest the fact that Jacky Bhagnani can be the Prime Minster of India in reel just like Rahul Gandhi can be in real.

Rating - ** ½ ( won't kill you)

Ticket meter - worth 100 bucks

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