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A Stereoscopic Scam

  • Ankur Pathak

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 11, 2014 12:56 AM IST
    3.0DM (471 ratings)

    Verdict - Ridiculous story made worse with very bad performances.

    3GWatch trailerRelease date : March 15, 2013

    Neil Nitin Mukeh's Sam and Sonal Chauhan's (Sam and Sheena, seriously guys?) are on a holiday in the exotic islands of Fiji ). It is supposed to be a getaway from the assumingly tiresome lives back home; and brimming with lustful urgency, it turns out to be ruefully short from being ideal. No, there isn't a creepy mob-boss operating from Fiji targeting young couples (Table No. 21 comes to mind), but the miscreant who is ungracefully stealing the action from between the sheets is a sociopathic mobile phone. Yes, Neil gets kind-of possessed by a woman who appears on his newly bought cell-phone (He drops his own off in the sea while making out with Sonal). And then goes borderline psychotic, while the film battles to keep its own insanity intact.

    Much of 3G doesn't quite make any sense. Even in this obvious realm of fiction, quite a lot of its elements are unconvincing and these two people just don't resemble real people. This makes everything that follows appear superficial and unintentionally comical. The conversations, a great tool that could add character depth and improve the camaraderie, are terribly uninspiring and dull - almost as if these people are out of words to express anything; or worse do not have anything substantial to express at all.

    Yet the most disturbing aspect of the film is the so-called suspense. When the story-tellers miserably try to tie the haphazard knots, a deeply upsetting misogynistic attitude comes to the forefront. Spoiler Alert : The real owner of the seedy mobile phone - one scientist who was trying to communicate to spirits through the 3G connection discovers that his girlfriend is secretly a porn-star. This duality bothers him to the extent that he brutally beats her to death. Neil tries to emulate him because of “the killer connection”. What is disturbing is the unjustifiable presence of such kind of violence directed at women. It isn't just a mere act by a mad man. It is because a girl chose to be an adult-star, and hid it from her guy that triggers the atrocious act. This almost forms the crux of the film. Such a careless attitude by contemporary filmmakers is alarming, and it's not even that they are doing it on the pretext of realism, it is pure male chauvinism.

    In terms of performances, Neil Nitin Mukesh is aggressively over the top, while Sonal Chauhan bothers to do nothing at all, but frowns to express everything: concern/trouble/ content. Neil's eyes wrapped in kohl, the leather-jacket and oddball-expressions trivialize his troubles rather than give them any weight while his body-language is consistently uncomfortable.

    The long running time doesn't help ease our troubles either.

    Somewhere out there was an ambitious plot that went mind-bogglingly haywire amidst the transmitting waves. Thus, what we are left with is a tacky production that becomes a tele-comical excuse for Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan's many, many vicious lovemaking sessions

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