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  • Baaghi: Be a rebel!

    Kritika Goel

    Desimartini | Updated - April 29, 2016 13:32 PM IST
    3.5DM (2394 ratings)

    Verdict - The film is a high-octane drama which will keep you involved with its action.

    BaaghiWatch trailerRelease date : April 29, 2016

    To start with, this is Tiger Shroff's second film after Heropanti and we will definitely say - what a great transformation from Heropanti to Baaghi. It's not wrong to say Tiger has grown as an actor and is definitely impressing us with his Martial Art techniques.


    The film is a rebellious romantic story where love sparks off between Ronny (Tiger Shroff) and Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) and all the hell breaks loose after that. Ronny is a carefree full of life boy who travels to Kerala to join his deceased father's friend's Martial Arts academy. Ronny is a rebel and doesn't want to stay in the academy. Siya, on the other hand, is in Kerala with her parents and is a bubbly, sweet and a happy go lucky girl. Ronny and Siya meet on the train to Kerala. They have random encounters and of course the two fall in love.

    But the trouble happens when Raghav (Sudheer Babu), falls in love with Siya. He is the son of the academy's founder and an influential man. The film starts with Siya being abducted and Ronny goes on a rampage to kill him.


    Tiger is great at the action he does and that is the highlight of the film. He isn't too expressive of his emotions. Tiger breaks bones but doesn't sway our hearts. His action is crisp, clean and technically very strong.

    On the other hand, Shraddha is extremely reflective of her emotions and she is best at doing what we have known her for. The expectation of seeing Shraddha doing a lot of action doesn't get fulfilled. And we see the part of her that we already knew. So, she doesn't offer anything new.

    Defies Logic

    The thing that can really put you off is the senseless comedy. Maybe this part of the film wasn't necessary. Sanjay Suri is a "blind" driver in Bangkok. The action neutralising comedy is the only thing that was uncalled for. Secondly, it is impossible to believe one man kill hundreds of trained fighters on different floors. But with great action, we can give that leverage and think that everything is possible when Tiger is there.

    The film makes for a one time watch.

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