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    Desimartini | Updated - March 22, 2014 11:22 PM IST
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    Double DhamaalWatch trailerRelease date : June 24, 2011

    Seeing a number of sequels making their way to the plexes, both in the West as well as back home, the makers sensed this as a great time to come up with their own claptrap and be a part of the deploring herd.

    Double Dhamal - the film, is tragic. It is so bad that I actually felt depressed seeing what dangerous levels our cinema has fallen to. A story which doesn't pay attention to a mindless element like logic and believes that its cartoonish protagonists' are cool enough to sustain this brain-dead caper, DD not only intellectually challenges the viewer but to be as blunt as I can - rapes the viewer, point blank.

    Its a world where goons like Batabhai flourish, where daylight encounter takes place ultra casually, where a Mumbai plot yields crude oil and deals of sums as huge as 1000 crore take place on a golf field. Where with such humongous money, a racy thriller could've been set, with dashes of comedy if you insist, the makers shamelessly throw the amount to some actors who do a pathetically shady job, and access exotic locations as backdrop where you believe the entire cast and crew is on an all-expense-paid vacation.

    When they are bored, they attempt to act, in a bid to entertain the shell-shocked audience. Okay, to the story (?) now.

    Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chaudhary, Javed Jaffery and Riteish Deshmukh are duped by a wannabe/duplicitous corporate honcho Sanjay Dutt. He's got two hot women for company. One is Mallika Sherwat who is fiancee, and the other - Kangna Rannaut (Fresh physical changes are unmistakable) who is the sister. They then run away to Macauu. (Aa-oo)

    The four nut cases follow suit, and decide to take revenge. An impeccable plan is at place. They realize Sanjay Dutt is a big time Casino owner with rivals like the gora Johnny Banzola. They fake their way in and in Oceans' style albeit a very horrible Oceans'style, they try to escape with 1000 crore cash hidden behind a FISH TANK. (Yeah!)

    Later, they realise, its Sanjays' plan all the way, and the audience is spoon-fed in explaining on how he had visited a fortune-teller who made a prophecy ages ago that said these four will return in disguise to rob him of his zillions'.

    Well, those were my inputs. Ignore. The truth is meaner/stranger/no-brainer than fiction.

    Kangna and Mallika end up being props just flaunting their altered figures most of the time. Sanjay Dutt is pacefully degrading and here he looks like a haggard-ed, overgrown monster deliberately made to mouth boring, sexist lines.

    "I will be the number 1 casino" he sheepishly says to rival Balloza..(whatever his name was) "Get out.." he adds.

    Oh, the lines. They are by a certain duo, Sajid - Farhad who are the latest B-Town (B-Grade, actually) sensation for writing lines like, "Play with your own marbels" and "Hot Girl dancing Outside, you enjoy, I'l take care inside" .. and the 4 guys say "We have MMS degree" to which Baba replies ... "Meri Maro Saalo".

    Apart from this dim-witted non-sense, there is ample mockery of films like Taare Zameen Par, Peepli Live and Guzaarish, in which Riteish Deshmukh would like to believe he's grabbed the best lines solely on his talent. He must know he is been made a scapegoat.

    The screenplay is so bad, it can be safely assume it never existed at all. Depressing, all the way.

    The film, only a couple of nights ago, premiered at the IIFA awards in Toronoto. I am ashamed to call myself a part of the country that represents such cinema.

    Laced with sexist, homophobic and largely racist jokes along with animal-intimacy, Double Dhamaal is strictly for fans who love to indulge in guilty pleasure.

    It makes me doubt if our cinema has totally lost the ability to entertain. Please Mr. Indra Kumar, and Please, you Giant Reliance, DO NOT SEQUEL THIS FURTHER.

    Oh, no. The theatre was jam-packed. Even being in a multiplex, this duo in banyan sneaked in and watched the film sitting on floor. When I probed in, they said it was so hilarious they wanted a second watch but didn't have the money.

    Horror, Horror. The next part just hit the floors.

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