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From Down Under the Drains

  • Ankur Pathak

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    Desimartini | Updated - December 04, 2013 11:23 AM IST
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    Verdict - A regressive screenplay which is further made unwatchable due to terrible, terrible acting.

    From Sydney With LoveWatch trailerRelease date : August 31, 2012

    From Sydney with Love is the most plagiarized film you will ever see. It is so shamelessly inspired by so many other films, you tend to forget the film you are actually watching. Characters written with such amateur inconsistency that you cant help but see an Aditya of Jab We Met in the main character of the film Rohit, or an epic failure of an Aamir Khan from Dil Chahta Hai. What is beyond logic is that the actors themselves resemble like struggling versions of successful stars. The heroine played by one Bidita Bag has the diction of Kangna Rannaut while she vaguely resembles a Deepika Padukone. The hero looks like an out-of-job Jugal Hansraj who has decided to quietly sneak back in Bollywood.

    Theres no point in talking about the plot because the film has the most incoherent stories ever written, if written at all. Till the first half, you see characters in a Sydney university having fun, getting along, bitching et al but once the location shifts to the more economical Bengal, the film not only sees a geographic change but transcends totally into an unrecognizable product. It is like watching two-three films separated by a recess.

    Heres a brief attempt: Bright but small town girl goes abroad to study. Despite being a super-hot Indo-Australian girl around, all Indians in Australia seem to lose all consciousness when our village belle is up and hanging about. The plump Raj, an avid Bollywood-lover tries all tricks from the enormous book to a confused response. While Rohit is the smooth talker. His innocence and baby-face charms Miss Goody Shoes, and they both see each other for a while and it is established there is genuine love. Then tragedy strikes. No, not racism attacks down under. Something worse and more sinister. They make love. After sleeping together one night, the woman acts as if she has been subjected to third degree brutal torture. Devastating for the self-esteem of our hero, I assume.

    But it wasnt even a case of having sex without consent. It was just a case of having sex! But the heroine wakes up next day to say, Mujhe tumse koi rishta nai rakhna

    Such regressive attitude in a contemporary Hindi film is not only shocking but it is dangerous. And especially when there arent any plausible justifications for it. The woman is so traumatized, she leaves Sydney. Hero follows suit. Heroine now tells in India she is pregnant. Hero runs away citing career and responsibility issues. WTF ?

    The directors screenplay is a piece of terrible writing and there is a lot of it. The dialogues are banal, without the slightest trace of wit or humor while the inconsistency in characters and plots are as huge as the distance between Bengal and Sydney.

    There is no reason why should watch this film. The actors especially compete in outperforming each other in the Bad Acting category and it is hard to tell who can walk away with the trophy. Even the adorable Australian-Indian girl; one character who can usually get away with bad performance owing to linguistic barriers, becomes annoying with her cute accent gone cranky.

    The direction is so inspired from elsewhere, I almost saw a scene stolen from Rockstar, followed by one similar to Fashion; while collectively it became a film made by a poor mans Imtiaz Ali, one aspiring to be a Yash Chopra.

    Technicalities in any film can be bargained if the inherent idea is sincere and honest; at least progressive thinking. But the makers of From Sydney with Love fail to estimate the influence of cinema.

    By promoting a conservative mindset, you dont only ruin the movie-going experience but leave a regressive impact on the impressionable and the more vulnerable minds.

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