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Hindi Medium Review:

  • Zinia Bandyopadhyay

    Zinia Bandyopadhyay (820,023 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 18, 2017 1:27 AM IST
    3.3DM (5747 ratings)

    Verdict - Irrfan and Saba's comically serious film will win your hearts despite the predictable end!

    Hindi MediumWatch trailerRelease date : May 19, 2017

    Have your ever known parents or been those people who can go to any lengths so that their kids can get admission in a good school? Admission nowadays has become a headache for all parents. And the process to get into one is frustrating, to say the least. Kids in fact are taking tuition (or grooming classes as it is generally called) even before they are in any class and the condition of parents is no better. From never-ending queues to constant interviews, the parents have a tough time.

    Hindi Medium tries to capture this trauma that almost all parents are subjected to. Chandni Chowk's couple Raj and Mita want their kid Pia to study in the A league schools of Delhi and thus begins their series of misadventures. From shifting to getting poor, they do it all. They even go and live in a poor locality so that their child can get admission through the quota reserved for those whose parents have a hand to mouth existence. But then, was it all worth it?

    The first half of the movie is a joy ride. It is beautiful to see how a serious struggle of every parent is shown with great satire and humour. You would not be able to help but break into bouts of laughter as Saba Qamar's Mita gets paranoid about her daughter and all her statements conclude with Pia becoming a drug addict. She, like her husband, has studied in a government school. It is understandable that she had not been fluent in English but with a lot of difficulty has learnt some to be at par with her peers. Her want for her child to have a better future is genuine. Her actions look comical and yet would strike a chord.

    As the stoy goes post interval, it gets didactic. Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan's steller performance keeps you hooked to the screen till the end and akes the second half passable. But without doubt, it misses the zing of the first!

    Irrfan Khan is terrific as Raj. He is fun this time and the way he delivers the dialogues will not just make you laugh but also take you by surprise. He is truly a versatile actor and this film is a proof. Debutant Saba Qamar too matches Irrfan with her acting capability. She is so natural as the paranoid mother Mira who just wants to secure her child's future. She brightens up the frames she is in and you will go wow watching her act. She is definitely going to get a number of nominations at award ceremonies this year, if not the awards!

    Chils actress Dishita Sehgal is cute. Deepak Dobriyal gives his usual power-packed performance in the short yet important role that he has in the movie. Other than him Tilottama Shome, Amrita Singh and Mallika Dua will win your heart with their cameos.

    The satire and comic timings in the movie is commendable. The second half gets a little jumbled up though. Necessity to learn English suddenly takes shape of getting admission in the top 5 schools. Yet the film does its best to keep the two strings together. The second half is there to prove a point. It wants to focus on how talent is not dependent on the school that a kid studies in. But the didactic element of the movie in the second half could have been a little lower. But overall it is a full-on entertainer.

    The music is impactful and the background score is good. So is the cinematography, editing and the direction.

    The movie is worth the penny you spend on it and it is a complete family entertainer. While it does have the basic premise similar to Ramdhanu, it is very different from the Bengali flick. You should definitely go and watch this one at least once!

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