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  • House of fools!

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 03, 2016 12:52 PM IST
    3.3DM (4226 ratings)

    Verdict - You know what to expect.

    Housefull 3Watch trailerRelease date : June 03, 2016

    This is a genre of movies I will never comprehend, and hence, probably will never be able to enjoy. But truth be told, I saw a section of the audience laughing. Laughing out loud, in the present-generation lingo. The story is quite simple - Gangster (Jackie Shroff) goes to jail, leaves his three daughters (Jacqueline, Lisa, Nargis) in the care of his right hand-man who takes them to London while enjoying gangster's property. He has his own sinister plans. Three daughters fall in love with three losers who are frauds looking for their property (Akshay, Abhishek, Riteish). Because the right-hand-man cum under-cover foster father (Boman Irani) uses an undercover astrologer (originally a pasta chef - Chunkey Pandey) to lie to the daughters, the three dudes have to act as mute, blind and handicapped people to get into the house. Meanwhile, gangster comes back from jail. You wonder, how come the daughters don't remember their dad and just accept the foster-father as their dad. But then, you listen to them talk and you know!

    The premise is ripe for PJs and we get lots of them. The daughters for example, like puns on idioms - 'Kaam wali jaye to jaane do' meaning 'Let bygones be bygones', 'Lambi ghadi ke peeche' meaning 'Long time ago', 'Tum log akhrod ho' meaning 'Are you nuts?'. The gangster likes abbreiviations. WTF - Wed, Thurs, Friday. ATM - Aaj teri maut. The right hand man loves a different series of jokes - 'Aadmi bada hona chaiye, chota toh Bheem bhi hai', 'Surat toh Gujarat mein bhi hain', etc. Amidst all these PJs, the losers go to church and realise their mistake. And the climax ensues. Lisa looks gorgeous but I liked her better in Queen. The others aren't so noteworthy. Jackie - well, you wonder looking at him, the amazing things he could have achieved, with a little sense in script selection. Never mind.

    If you love PJs and grown-ups behaving like losers and pretty actresses talking dumb crap with foreign accent (because brought up in London), this is your movie. Enjoy!

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  • lavkushpatel


    1 Reviews
    Rated 1.5June 26, 2016

    Houseful 3 is very good movie

    This is a good movie.
    I love it.
    Because this movie comedy and action.
    what a movie.
    good looking akshay.
    and all gases very good action.

  • hasanurjjama


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    I am a new user but I am very happy...........................,....... ............This is a very good moving.........................................

  • spkdashing


    1 Reviews
    Rated 4.5June 23, 2016

    full of comedyy

    nice movie. fulll of comedyyy
    enjoyeddd aa llottt
    had a greatt timee watchhingg thee movuee
    likeedd it.