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Penalize the Producers!

  • Ankur Pathak

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:55 PM IST
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    Hum Tum ShabanaWatch trailerRelease date : September 30, 2011

    We have a habit of commenting where we say that the screenplay looks brilliant on paper, but fails during its adaptation. The reasons vary from bad direction, a laborious editing, poor performances etc. In short, the execution has failed.

    However, with Sagar Ballary's new picture - Hum, Tum, Shabana, one wonders mysteriously how did this piece of absolute disaster even got the funding, which - keeping in mind its production designs - is not too small an amount. Ballary - the director whose films largely reflect a reckless sense of self-indulgence, is directing his third film. And reviewing his portfolio, he seems to drastically depreciate with every passing film.

    An overtly-imaginative plot that borders near-insanity, Hum, Tum, Shabana could make a life-celebrating monk feel suicidal. It is fine to see filmmakers take delightful liberties to indulge in travesty with the eternal hope of making their audience crack-up. But what you get after witnessing this claptrap of the year is dead silence, perspiration arising out of claustrophobia, and most of all - shame, shame that this too, is a part of what collectively represents Indian cinema.

    In the film, two sidey managers, played painfully by Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor, are a part of a random company that holds a beauty paegent, which has another random businessman posing as sponsor as the main judge who can be influenced in the toilet in 5 minutes, if you gift him a tie.

    No kidding.

    Minissha Lamba plays one of the contestants and is clearly a misfit for a beauty show, due to her obvious shortness and add to it - sheer absence of a model-like demeanor. The two nutcases vie for her, and later in what is Part 2 - it is revealed her chacha's a Don. So, now both want to be off the hook. How they evade the laughably immature trap is where the film eventually descends.

    While it goes there, you suffer strokes of hysteria, spells of absolute disbelief, possible paranoia which collectively triggers a decision to take a stroll outside, maybe review the security system of the multiplex, then come back only to find that the actual danger is still unfolding itself, sluggishly on-screen.

    The humor consists of Satish Kaushik slapping his aides when he his happy with them, a corpse being kidnapped at a funeral, and again Satish Kaushik shooting mock-ghosts in a horror house till he is convinced they were humans.

    Everybody acts as if their sheer decibels would magically convert the movie into a loud and legendary comedic expedition. The characters think they have instantly connected with people, so after a while, they stop giving a damn about their own significance or to decide what are they really asking for.

    Minissha Lamba looks like a penguin forced to deliver lines that sound like a cutesy-little-child. She is irritating most of the time, and makes the character come across just as a forced addition, since you already have her in the title, you've to do something about it.

    Direction, unstable and amateur, the screenplay is almost non-existent, as if the makers went with the flow, doing and saying whatever they thought was applicable.

    Some films invest time on research and workshops, this one's a brilliant study in contrast. You cannot even classify it into the so-bad-its-good category. It is plain bad. A benchmark and a term in itself of BAD film-making. The title should be proverbial from now on that translates into - absolutely-unwatchable-potent ially-hazardous.

    PS. The most attractive part about the film is model Pia Trivedi. although, i'm positive she had no idea, she was in a movie, she makes for a stunning distraction.

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