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A Brilliant Narrative Propelled By Powerful Storytelling And Flawless Acting. Must watch

  • Zinia Bandyopadhyay

    Zinia Bandyopadhyay (819,873 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 20, 2017 1:01 AM IST
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    Lipstick Under My BurkhaWatch trailerRelease date : July 21, 2017

    As a girl or a woman, have you felt the air gently caressing your face and run through every strand of your hair? In that moment have you felt a strange bliss, a moment of happiness? Did you, for once, feel like a free bird flying in the air?

    But aren't we all free? Well we all know the answer, don't we? There is patriarchy that binds us, which we conveniently call tradition and societal norm.

    Lipstick under my burkha challenges these norms and puts a question mark on the entire society. Yes indeed, that middle finger is for the society and it is pointed at you in the most benign way possible.

    The story is simple. It is about the lives of four women who have secret desires and fantasies. While Usha wants to explore her sexual desire, Leela wants to break free from the claustrophobia of her small town and Rehanna the shackles of her culture and Shireen searches for her respite by being a secret salesgirl. Their lives are interwoven but they all have one thing in common- they want to break free and they will never stop hoping.

    The film is propelled by stellar performances from the cast. The four ladies on the lead are terrific. While Ratna Pathak Shah surprises us immensely as Usha, Konkona is poised and brilliant as Shireen. Plabita and Aahana do not look like newcomers. They know what they have to do and are perfect in their characters.
    Most of the male characters in the movie do not even have a name. You'll probably get a passing reference of their name, but you know what they do. The males are important in the film, as it is the relationship of the women with the men that provides all the nuances and shades in their characters. But these men are impotent with a vain and misplaced sense of masculinity. Probably they are way too deep into the patriarchal hegemony to break free.
    But the main heroine of the film is director and writer Alankrita Shrivastav. It is just her second film and she proves that she has evolved. The story is mature and moves so smoothly. Right from the narration, to the picturisation, the film is an absolute gem. This one comprises of innumerable little moments that will directly hit you and strike a chord. She drops disturbing hints of patriarchy in small sentences or little acts and you would be aghast to see how it all piles up. She has reached a literary perfection where she just holds up a mirror to the society, but leaves the narrative open ended for the audience to go and figure it out. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that everyone, right from high school kids to teenagers, middle aged and even older people should make it a point to watch it and show it to all. And this film should be included in the syllabus for gender studies. This shows you everything that's wrong with us, without ever being didactic! It entertains and raises questions in your mind at the same time.

    The cinematography is also a high point in the film. The women have big dreams and the scenes of the city will give you the hint to the claustrophobic environment. The music too is just right. This is one movie that has all the right concoctions.

    I cannot help but wonder what made CBFC so uncomfortable? Is it the fact that it has women's desires and sexual fantasies and not a man's. Had it been Jaspal and not Rosy in the narration, I guess CBFC would have passed it with an UA certificate. This film has no vulgarity to say the least.

    You should definitely go and watch this film. And in case you fail to find what's so great and beautiful about it, please ask someone who finds it brilliant and allow yourself to get enlightened.
    P.S - we women have as much sexual desires and fantasies as men do. We too love sex as much as men do!

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