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Love begins after ' divorce by consent'.

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 15, 2018 6:52 PM IST
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    Verdict - Not a family audience film.

    ManmarziyaanRelease date : September 14, 2018

    Anurag Kashyap is a ' non conformist ' film maker whose presentation is awesome but the themes chosen are ' debatable'.
    Agreed adults have full freedom to love,flirt and enter into live-in relationship without getting married formally.The right to be bed partners ,to be parents or not requires no marriage for some.The Apex court has been liberal on all kinds of adult relationships.But to indulge before parents as 'peeping toms' ? Make your own opinion.
    Also agreed that modern women are ' out of the box' and seek empowerment.But for a girl whose parents are traditional and a younger sister is waiting for chance to get married.With no means of earning for herself ,she damn cares for the basic decencies and is always on a ' runaway mode' with her stalker: a lumpen guy - is a bit difficult to digest.Still the viewer can have their own opinions.
    Here an NRI Sikh guy Robbie a, banker from UK( Abhishek Bachchan) had come to Punjab to ' hunt' for a ' suitable bride'.The middleman has several offers to propose.But Robbie falls for the same ' tomboyish ' girl Rumi( Taapsee Pannu) whose in a ' kabhi haan kabhi naa' relationship with a DJ Sikh guy Vicky Sandhu( Vicky Kaushal).
    Bichari hockey khelney wali kudi Rumi ' marries' Robbie on fijnding that the DJ Wala munda is not committed to be a life like partner.
    Rumi and Robbie go through their ' fake honey moon' trip.The two remain apart,marriage is never consummated .All along the ' bride' continues to humiliate the ' husband'.
    The husband already had known about the chakkar between Rumi and Vicky yet he took a ' chance' on the hope that things will get sorted out post- marriage.But?
    On finding that the 'wife' is indecisive to carry on or break the marriage it's the husband who seeks ' divorce by consent'.Court formalities are completed.They are no more partners for life anymore.
    But is the relationship over? Go see for your self.
    What one liked- The younger generation could take rational decisions - one way or the other.They must draw a difference between teenage infatuation and love.They may,may not believe in the institution of marriage.But decency in public spaces and respect for elders is a reasonable self imposed restriction.No right is absolute.Abhishek Bachchan has given a restrained performance in a difficult role.Look at his character- he always gives primacy to Rumi to make the first move despite being subdued.He returns all the items of dowry before seeking divorce.He holds to his choice for Rumi fully knowing her background.Balances the self and family interests of both sides.As far as Taapsee and Vicky are concerned ,they are ' bindaas' and stick to their roles of ' khullam khula pyar karange hum dono'.All in the parental roles and other supporting casts have also done well.The spoken words are believable' .
    My dislikes- Am not sure whether marriage as an institution should be taken likely despite the right to Privacy being a fundamental right? The songs dint add to the narrative though the lyrics were like a spoken language.Too much if pre: release hulla balloon and the hype goes a waste.Wasn't comfortable with the lines' chipakne ke like shaddi zarrori nahi hai',' 'ho eymoon to theek gaya par woh to condom wale hain'.
    Am not sure how would Sikhs react seeing the principal characters smoking? The basant scene at the dead of the night was just out of place and forced like some of the dances.
    All in all the presentation could be disturbing but mature.Am not sure whether family audience would accept the story.Saw Manmarziyan in an empty hall on the first day itself.

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