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  • Mardaani: Movie Review

    Merkwürdige Liebe

    Desimartini | Updated - August 22, 2014 14:00 PM IST
    3.4DM (2900 ratings)

    Verdict - A taut thriller that's consistently watchable, if not memorable.

    MardaaniWatch trailerRelease date : August 22, 2014

    Although Pradeep Sarkar’s 'Mardaani' revolves around a serious issue, that of female trafficking, it’s a quintessential genre picture – a taut thriller that nicely integrates the issue into the narrative without getting all preachy and self-righteous about it, and more importantly, while consistently maintaining tonal balance. It’s even modeled as little else but a genre piece. It doesn’t shoehorn perfunctory sidetracks, and we’re given a peek into the protagonist’s personal life only so much so as to serve narrative purpose. The protagonist in question is cop Shivani (played by Rani Mukerjee) who gets on the trail of a sex trafficking racket after a girl she knows goes missing from an orphanage. Even the resolution (a rather problematic one, where the film ends up endorsing taking the law into one’s own hands), plays out more like a typical masala moment which incites claps and whistles, but one rendered more affecting because of the issue it deals with. But for a thriller, something feels curiously missing. Thriller is essentially a genre of manipulation; where every shot, every cutaway should result in rising tension. There are moments in 'Mardaani' which should have made me bite my nails, but the film never builds these moments up competently enough. It’s the actors playing the bad guys contantly keep you watching. Anil George infuses his character with gravitas and Tahir Bhasin as the young, creepy villain shows how cheesy is done right. The film is consistently watchable, but it’s also always just what it appears on surface and never rises above its “plot”. What keeps you engaged while watching the film is also what keeps the film from becoming memorable.

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  • Madan Mohan Marwah

    Madan Mohan Marwah

    389 Reviews , 23 Followers
    Rated 3.0August 28, 2014

    Engaging drama on girl trafficking, good acting by Rani Mukherjee

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  • Srinivas Abhilash

    Srinivas Abhilash

    1 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 2.5August 27, 2014

    Not an inch near to the Hollywood flick Taken..

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  • Vishala Katta

    Vishala Katta

    12 Reviews , 2 Followers
    Rated 4.0August 25, 2014

    Watch it.enough said ( sexist movie name though )

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  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar

    554 Reviews , 451 Followers
    Rated 3.5August 25, 2014

    Supercop rocks it!

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  • Aneela Zeb

    Aneela Zeb

    243 Reviews , 119 Followers
    Rated 3.0August 24, 2014


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