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  • Worth gate crashing this wedding!

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 09, 2011 13:37 PM IST
    3.8DM (3290 ratings)
    Mere Brother Ki DulhanWatch trailerRelease date : September 09, 2011

    Finally a fun movie, where in spite of the hero telling the heroine not to be filmy and it's real life etc etc, you have to suspend belief a little bit to fully enjoy this mad romantic caper.

    Imran Khan is Kush who is is entrusted with the job of finding his London settled brother Luv an Indian girl after he breaks up with his British -born -confused - desi girlfriend.Enter Katrina as Dimple, a London brought up, India settled girl,wild in her ways whom Kush had known in their college days when she waswilder. Kush thinks she will be perfect for Luv, the match is fixed and preparations get under way for the Great Indian Wedding. Only hitch being obviously that now our man Kush is in love with his brother's dulhan. Post interval is how the tangle is sorted. I shall not reveal any more of the story. Suffice to say, its not absolutely sensible but quite ingenious as plots go

    The movie moves at a brisk pace before the interval. Post break though the action is fast, the songs are one too many and the story gets lost in its own twists like a cat chasing its own tail. The film is liberally peppered with references to old movies, dialogues and songs, right from the first song where Imran dances like Shah Rukh in Chhaiyan chhaiyan to Dabanng to using old songs from say QSQT as background music. It's quite well done and I found myself looking out for what they were going to use next.

    Performances. Imran plays his usual sensible guy falling in love and not knowing how to handle it role once again. Maybe he just looks too sensible to really let go. But this sensible take provides the perfect foil to the crazy energy that Katrina exudes in her role as Dimple. She starts off as a slightly rebellious person but as the movie progresses that is taken over by an effervescence that is slightly manic as if she is on anti depressants. The cool girl gives way to a person who makes faces and bats her eyelashes and generally overacts. But maybe I am a bit rough. Her Dimple is, in spite of all this overacting, cute and quite loveable. Maybe its Katrina's inherent charm that sees her through her weaknesses. I was sceptical about the pair of Imran and Katrina but the romance works maybe because it's understated.

    This is a movie where you can tell that everyone involved in it's making had fun while filming it. There is a happy vibe here which is infectious. A good pick for the weekend

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