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    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 07, 2018 15:04 PM IST
    2.7DM (6850 ratings)

    Verdict - Paltan is 155 odd minutes of nothingness on screen !

    PaltanWatch trailerRelease date : September 07, 2018

    JP Dutta just wanted to finish a war triology and the result is Paltan. This movie is also an example of why you should not do a movie just for the sake of having one more movie name in your filmography.
    They got Arjun Rampal because they wanted someone who can brood and look senior. They got Harshvardhan Rane because they wanted a screaming Sikh who looks young and Sunny Deol no longer fits the bill. Gurmeet came in because he fitted the budget and is a decent enough charming actor. Luv Sinha was taken because they wanted a actor who maintains one look across the moments. He does a fabulous job of this. They got Sonu Sood because he is a man who can still look decent in over the top characters. He is in short gareeb makers ka naya Mithun.
    So Paltan was ready and they made a 155 minute long movie with great visuals . A background movie they thought is so impressive that they keep playing it almost in the entire movie minus the scenes which had romantic interest of soldiers involved. Thank god this one did not have a Border movie kind of Suhagraat scenes else they would have played the same background music in that scene too.
    The dialogues are fun. We get to hear 125 times Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai. Hum badla lenge about 145 times. Oye Cheeni abbey cheeni dekh cheeni etc about 675 times and dialogues are done.
    The action choreography is very creatively done, soldiers are punched in this particular scene and soldiers look for a safe place before falling ladakh is full of rocks you see. Arjun Rampal is observing this fight with his binoculars and he says shit !! now am not sure if he actually was reacting to the way action scenes were being executed.
    Roughly at around two hours of movie the director ran out of patience and probably screamed – Climax time ! so everyone starts firing at everyone and everyone dies .
    Post which there is standard family crying and good looking ladies over acting in grief.
    This is Paltan ,rather than watching it I suggest you sign up for the Army. One there training will be less grilling than watching Paltan and two you will end up doing good for yourself and the country.

    One star – that too because JPD once gave us epics like Ghulami,Border,Hathiyar and Yateem.

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