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Ready's Rawdy Humor Entertains

  • Ankur Pathak

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 23, 2013 8:06 AM IST
    3.8DM (4089 ratings)
    ReadyWatch trailerRelease date : June 03, 2011

    Ready is a film made out of pure inspiration, and - confidence that Kashyaps' Dabangg assured. An out and out Salman Khan entertainer, he plays an upscale brat with dialogue quite contrasting. He is a manipulative hearthrob - Prem - and a good one at that. He's got a family who see their lives with rose-tinted glasses. The chacha who's got affairs, the Dad who has momentary amnesia ... and the like. They live in a massive ocean-like bungalow, and for amusement - throw each other inside the pool, with cellphones, and cash intact.

    They are expecting a potential bride from America for the unemployed, live-life-on-edge Prem, who goes to pick up the girl at the airport, an in an hilarious error gets the wrong woman home (Asin). Now the significant half of the film centers on how the warring families of Asin's two mama collide and make-up, with Sallu's Prem playing being the scheming catalyst of comfort.

    By the nature of this unimaginative script, the film doesn't show spark at first. But what gleams up the retiring story are the characters - though stereotypes - clearly defined, and some - for instance Salman Khan's Prem Kapoor - cleverly formatted.

    He is so much at ease even when there's hell breaking loose , you cannot evade the composed charm. An instantly likable persona, effortlessly shouldered by Salman Khan, even when Ready's at its most absurd shot, it doesn't get annoying like the terrible two sequels of Golmaal.

    For much part to evoke humor, scenes that warrantied it are cleverly thrown into the film, as at times it mocks its own establishment, (like the scene where Asins' hanging by the tree, whereas death still seems distant from the valley) or borrows archetypal instances from other films and develops a cool satire.

    It is the gibberish dialogue that leave us chuckling hard that should be lauded. Salman, obviously gets most of the punch-lines to deliver, but Asin's Sanjana doesn't lag behind. She is level-headed, cunning, and cannot be easily mislead. Her gangster mama's don hat that's meek even when they are at their most aggressive.

    There's such a friendly vibe, you feel foolish as you enjoy the unfolding, heavily unrealistic premise, but then hey, you do enjoy.

    Anees Bazmee's got a condition. Or rather Akshay Kumars' got some. When they team up, you hate the pairing and the unforgivable attempts they give to arouse laughter. With Salman, its his presence that dramatically differentiates him for others.

    Even when he mouths lines like , "Aisa ghumaoonga...ki...google.com bhi dhoond nahi paayega". You don't frown. Or make a face. You guffaw.

    And thats' where Ready scores as a winner. In its unabashed, uninhibited, sometimes moronic- mostly shameless humor. The setting is quite not clear. We assume, India, but Thai women mysteriously make their presence felt. Bangkok, then.

    Anees Bazmee, even after deadly criticism doesn't compromise on being grossly and insanely entertaining. He tries to involve a subtle message of living peacefully...respecting elders...blah...blah..blah... . which if not effective, is praise-worthy.

    The film's essential character is a recycled yet contemporary, (and Rawdier) version of Dabanggs' immensely enjoyable Chulbul Pandey. And even when he's just a drag, he amuses.

    I recommend this picture for the man who doesn't hide behind an autistic mask to gain sympathy or play an over-insolent collegian to inspire. He is himself, and he sets the turnstiles on fire when he is what he is.

    Sometimes, thats the most impossible thing to be.

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