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Sui Dhaaga

  • Manya Malhotra

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    Desimartini | Updated - November 27, 2018 1:36 PM IST
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    Sui DhaagaWatch trailerRelease date : September 28, 2018

    Story: With the support of his wife, a man leaves his job, where he is constantly disrespected, and tries to start his own small tailoring business, facing flak, humiliation and betrayal along the way. Will he succeed?

    Review: While there have been a truckload of films with characters based in small towns in Bollywood recently and there have been many attempts at picking up the dialect of the concerned regions as well, most of those films have been somewhat glamorous. The characters are glorified and even get to wear stylish and spunky outfits and dance their sorrows and pain away! Sui Dhaaga’s strength lies in its simplicity and rustic charm. The characters shown here are believable, A husband and wife struggling to make ends meet by finding a job where they are not treated as the dirt under somebody else’s shoes. A father who constantly curses his son, A mother who is probably as worried about her child as she is about the house chores. However, though the characters are perfectly believable, the film as a whole is far from perfect. A lot of scenes particularly the ones with Mauji’s irritating brother -in -law are exhausting and make you restless. Seeing the leads constantly getting dealt bad hands becomes quite unsettling after a point. As a part of the audience, sometimes the film just became too much for me to digest. Clad in plain clothes, cycling in the sweltering heat , with wounded feet ( the rhyming is purely coincidental) Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan make for quite an unusual casting. They both have shed their ultra glamorous avatars for this film and that is commendable. Anushka Sharma shines in her subtle yet effective portrayal of a headstrong woman who supports her husband and always shows up for him, many a times with tears in her eyes. Varun Dhawan is convincing as well.

    Give this one a watch if you have some time to spare, because even with a few threads coming apart here and there( again, the rhyming is purely coincidental, but the pun is intended!) the makers manage to stitch up an inspirational and emotional film which might just give you a push towards the path of following your dreams.

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