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30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less

2.9 116 Ratings

Directed by : Ruben Fleischer

Release Date : | Length : 83 Minutes

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In an attempt to gain access to his father's insurance money, meaty antagonist Dwayne and his moronic partner in crime Travis plan to hire an assassin to do their dirty work. But, in order to do so, they need 100,000 dollars for the job to be done. Desperately, Dwayne and Travis plan to kidnap a pizza delivery man, and force ...more


“From poor direction to mediocre performances, 30 Minutes or Less fits in all the elements of a bad film. Even after trying too hard, the film fails to bring in adequate laughter. Skip it!”

30 Minutes or Less Audience Review

Just not funny enough.

Rated 2.0 / 5

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It's rare to see Hollywood or anyone take a premise which was kind of sad & serious and give it a complete turnaround treatment. '30 Minutes or Less' inspired by a true incident that happened in 2003 in Pennsylvania; is a silly, loud and at times stupid comedy that tries very hard to be dark & smart but falters at many steps.

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is pizza delivery guy whit almost no ambition in life. His best friend happens to be Chet (Aziz Ansari), a substitute school teacher. Another set of characters includes a duo of bumbling & highly inept criminals (Danny McBride & Nick Swardson) who need money to hire a hit-man to take out another target. So instead of making arrangements for it by themselves, they go the dumber route and strap a bomb onto hapless Nick and force him to rob a bank or else the bomb goes off killing him. Nick pulls Chet into the crime with him and that's where the real fun is supposed to begin. Hired assassins, bank clerks, racial slurs, monkey suits & flamethrowers are only a part of what awaits the two.

Director Rueben Fleischer known for his last flick, 'Zombieland' tries hard again to provide a dark comic tone to the proceedings and results in a movie that can't tell a funny bone from another. It wallows in stupidity and the lack of political correctness which does have a good joke or two but simply isn't enough to keep you glued to your seats throughout.

Aziz Ansari steals the thunder from anyone whenever hes on screen. Danny McBride does his usual douchebag routine. Jesse Eisenberg too plays the clueless stoner cliche. So honestly in terms of acting other than Ansari there is nothing interesting or entertaining to watch out for.

'30 Minutes or Less' fails to be funny, darkly comic or even interesting consistently. The few jokes it does pull off effectively are mostly thanks to Aziz Ansari. I would rather tell you to go an read about the real-life incident from which the plot draws inspiration rather than waste your time on this half-baked effort.

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