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Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade

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Directed by : Lee Daniels

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Set in China during the Han dynasty (206-220 AD), Dragon Blade follows Huo An, an official framed and enslaved for a crime he didn’t commit. Soon thereafter, however, he meets Roman soldier in Lucius and the pair begin to form an unlikely alliance.


“Jackie Chan's Dragon Blade is yawn inducing and boring despite its flashy action scenes.”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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If you were aching for an epic, kung fu toting, Jackie Chan starring, chinese action movie, Then Dragon Blade kinda fits the bill. Kinda. You may go in the movie a a fan of Jackie Chan, but by the end, you'll come out appreciating Adrien Brody's role. Villainy just comes so naturally to him, its almost frightening. He's the saving grace of this somewhat lackluster action flick.

Huo is a banished warrior working as a labourer on the silk road route. John Cusack is a Roman escaping from his brother, Tiberius (Adrien Brody), who is a general in the Roman Army. Fate (A woman) somehow brings these two together and Jackie Chan decides to raise an army to defend against Tiberius. If you were expecting oscar winning material, you'll be disappointed.

Dragon Blade is a decent movie. It has plenty of stylized action for fans of the genre to devour, but Jackie Chan, perhaps its biggest selling point, is also the movie's biggest weakness. He just didn't have the drive or the charm of a Jackie of old. However, The rest of the cast makes up for this, especially Adrien Brody, who is quite excellent, and makes the second half of the movie extremely entertaining. Fans of the genre will definitely enjoy this, but others should probably avoid.

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